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The sources below may or may not be honest/accurate. I certainly do not take their word for it. In fact, I include some things to document how dishonest/inaccurate they are (like It’s Going Down, for example).
This is not an exhaustive collection on this subject but it will be added to and updated as much as possible. 



Portland professor unnamed (for now). On the bottom being detained after assaulting another female” by Press Guard Page

On top, woman’s M.M.A Champion and Patriot Tara Larosa uses Jujitsu to Protect people from a crazy communist who attacked the flag wave for veterans, because she thinks the patriots that were there, were racist. Good job protecting patriots, yourself, and the professor until the Portland police showed up. Your a hero Tara!!! 👌👍🇺🇸
I filmed this I have the full version. Contact me if you wish to use.

Violent Anti-Trump Protester Bites female MMA Fighter Who Pins Her to the Ground at Rally in Portland (video)” by the Gateway Pundit


Screenshot (5854).png

Fundraiser Rally For Russell Schultz’s Legal Fees will take place on Saturday, September 28, 2019 from 1pm to 3pm PDT at the Vancouver Landing Amphitheater , 100 Columbia St, Vancouver, Washington 98660

Rather than have an online fundraiser that antifa will get shut down, I have decided to have a fundraiser rally that they can’t shut down.
I am having this rally to fundraise for the left’s weaponizing of government to persecute and silence political dissenters.
Please come out and support me if you can.
Thanks in advance for your support.

Luis Enrique Marquez tweeted…

If you don’t know, Antifas like Luis love to say, “We don’t want you in coming to our town.” or “These people come in from outside of Portland to cause trouble.” and so on and yet here’s Luis from Portland encouraging other Portland Antifas to go to an other city in an other state to protest one of the people they tell to stay out of their city.

Ah, the hypocrisy and the stupidity!


Peaceful Portland Prayer March hosted by Patriot Prayer.

Screenshot (5843).png

From their event page,

Join us, as we look forward to yet another Peaceful Prayer March in the city of Portland. We will practice non-violent resistance, if we encounter any opposition. Portland has made it illegal for Christians to defend themselves (and also made the First Amendment null and void to Christians) by charging Mack Lewis, Joey Gibson, and Russell Schultz with a felony for standing on a sidewalk, all while getting assaulted by Antifa repeatedly. This is a peaceful march to bring Jesus to the center of Portland, and we respectfully ask that everyone who shows up practice love and also exercise a 100% non-violent response to any Antifa violence that we may encounter. We will march around the square 7 times. We are also asking that C.A.I.R. please stop attacking Christians and Patriots. We are asking for peace and tolerance in Portland by all parties. It should be OK for Muslims and Christians to co-exist.

C.A.I.R. Oregon has organized and has used communists, Antifa, the Portland City Council, the Oregon Justice Resource Center, IWW, Cider Riot, and Western States Center to specifically target followers of Christ.

C.A.I.R. is trying to build a stronghold in Portland by using campaigns of intimidation and deception against Christians, especially those who are outspoken freedom fighters, or protectors of the US Constitution.

C.A.I.R. worked with the City Council to kick the Federal Joint Terrorism Task Force out of Portland, while at the same time claiming white-supremacy terrorism is a threat to Portland.

C.A.I.R. routinely shares social media posts from Antifa, and other communists, who DOX Christians and Patriots, putting the lives of these families at risk.

C.A.I.R. specifically works with Antifa to do online campaigns to deplatform and demonetize Christians.

C.A.I.R. worked with Western States Center to publicly claim that groups like Patriot Prayer and Washington III% are fighting for gun rights in Washington State only to recruit white supremacists.

C.A.I.R. works with the Oregon Justice Resource Center to protect Antifa criminals, by defending people like Luis Marquez in court, who violently target Christians and Patriots on camera.

C.A.I.R. works with the Oregon Justice Resource Center to sue Joey Gibson (an outspoken Christian) for standing on a sidewalk, while being assaulted by Antifa – which is supported by C.A.I.R.

C.A.I.R. has shown illegal financial support for Hamas, while Hamas specifically targets and persecutes Christians for their belief in Jesus.

Patriot Prayer respectfully asks that C.A.I.R. be tolerant of Christians, and tolerant of anyone else who does not share their beliefs. Patriot Prayer also requests that C.A.I.R. stop slandering and hatefully labeling Christians as white-supremacists. We are asking C.A.I.R. to be less extreme and more moderate like the millions of Muslims who practice their Islamic faith in peace with others.


Straight Pride Parade sees injuries, arrests and AOC mocking masculinity” by BPR Business & Politics


A gay old time at the first straight pride parade” by the American Thinker

Dozens of ANTIFA Terrorists Arrested for Violence During ‘Straight Pride Parade’” by Big League Politics


(See our “Boston Straight Pride Parade” page for more news, videos and etc. about this rally)

Screenshot (5714)

Boston Straight Pride Parade” hosted by Super Happy Fun America

Saturday, August 31, 2019 at 12 PM – 4 PM66–86°F Mostly Sunny, Copley Square, Boston

Celebrate the diverse history, culture, and contributions of the straight community! The Straight Pride Event will be held to achieve inclusivity and spread awareness of issues impacting straights in Greater Boston and beyond. It will be a one-day event consisting of a parade from Copley Square to City Hall Plaza where we will have a flag raising ceremony and rally.

Consider registering on our website. We will give you a flag.

Also, don’t forget to sign the petition to include the S in LGBTQ for straight. It’s more inclusive that way!



Screenshot (5716)

Peaceful Prayer March before Joey Gibson’s Hearing” hosted by Patriot Prayer

Tuesday, August 27, 2019 at 1 PM – 3 PM PDT,61–95°F Sunny
Multnomah County Justice Center1120 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, Oregon 97204

Calling All Peaceful Patriots! Portland elitists deem it illegal for Christians and Conservatives to peacefully stand or walk on sidewalks by suddenly charging Joey Gibson with a felony (riot).

Joey Gibson has been unfairly politically targeted and charged with felony riot for standing on a sidewalk, recording happenings outside of a Portland bar, and subsequently being repeatedly assaulted by Antifa. Gibson did not even exercise his right of self-defense while being assaulted, as he has a belief and policy of 100% non-violent resistance. Mayor Ted Wheeler, along with the corrupt establishment in Portland, continues to protect Antifa, while trying to publicly and legally destroy outspoken Christians who exercise their freedom.

This is a non-violent resistance march that will go around the courthouse 7 times before (and after) the hearing. Because Portland has now made it illegal for Christians and Conservatives to march on sidewalks, it is important that no one is violent, even if in self-defense. While self-defense is morally, ethically, and legally justified, Portland has a corrupt system that appears to be bent on prosecuting Christians and Conservatives. This is eerily similar to the racist, Democrat-controlled cities during the civil rights era, which would persecute peaceful, black freedom fighters.

Gibson respectfully requests that unless you are willing to restrain yourself from violence or verbal attacks (even in self-defense or otherwise), please do not show up. 100% non-violent resistance is, and has always been, the goal. Thank you.

In relation to the above, see this; “Did the District Attorney Leak Info to Antifa On Pro Trump Indictments In Portland?” by the Gateway Pundit


Upcoming Rallies in Portland OR (July 20, July 27, August 17, 2019)” by Justin Trouble

Portland Police Brace For August 17 Proud Boys Rally” the Portland Mercury

Aug. 17 Portland protest risk spurs feds, state, local agencies to team up with police” by the Oregonian/OregonLive

Portland Police Chief Foresees Violence at Next Right-Wing Protest” by Willamette Week


Aug. 17 Portland protest risk spurs feds, state, local agencies to team up with police” by the Oregonian/OregonLive

Portland Police Chief Foresees Violence at Next Right-Wing Protest” by Willamette Week

Portland Police Brace For August 17 Proud Boys Rally” the Portland Mercury


LGBT Patriots Protest in front of Portland Mayor’s House” by Brandon Farley


Photos: Right-wing demonstrators rally in front of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler’s house” by Oregonlive/the Oregonian

Group rallies outside Mayor Wheeler’s home, says he needs to stop protest violence” by KATU 2

Portland protesters: ‘Mayor keeping the police on a leash’” by KOIN 6

Posted by Haley Marie Adams at 2:34pm




Posted by Haley Marie Adams at 11:13pm




Demand Free Speech Meets All Out DC: Confrontations and Conversations | Subverse News” by Subverse



Upcoming Rallies in Portland OR (July 20, July 27, August 17, 2019)” by Justin Trouble


Upcoming Rallies in Portland OR (July 20, July 27, August 17, 2019)” by Justin Trouble


Demand Free Speech Rally in DC” by Justin Trouble

Will Witt live with Antifa in DC!” by Prager U

Antifa protests as Milo Yiannopoulos participates in ‘Free Speech’ rally” by RT


Opposing groups to protest in Portland this Saturday” by KOIN 6 News


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