Antifa Vandalizes TX Nomads SAR

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Antifa Vandalizes TX Nomads SAR

You may remember some of our past articles and videos about the ongoing interactions between Antifa and Texas Nomads SAR including the report and video titled “Mayday! Antifa’s Red Guard Attacks – May 1st, 2019″ in which they attack TX Nomads SAR Christopher Ritchie and Colin Whites, Colin Whites being badly bloodied.



Here’s video of the incident by Texas Nomads Patriot Media

You may remember this also on Mayday, May 1st which was part of the boiling over of mass panic on a campus where Texas Nomads SAR had planned to peacefully visit and have discussions. 

It seems Antifa has been lashing out at Texas Nomads SAR since then.

On May 24th, Incendiary News Service (an Antifa source) put out “AUSTIN: Antifascists Target Texas Nomad’s Car and Residence on E Riverside” in which they talk about local Antifa vandalizing the home and door of Colin Whites. Notice that in this piece they do not deny that it was Antifa as they sometimes do. I checked with Colin Whites and he confirms that this was indeed his door and his car.  

UPDATE: It seems I misunderstood what Colin said about the car and home. Apparently that was not has car or his home. Nice work, Antifa.

Photo by Incendiary News
Photo by Incendiary News

More recently they apparently vandalized Christopher Ritchie’s place. In his live video starting at 9:31am, Christopher Ritchie says that the vandalism must have been perpetrated between 11pm June 5th to 4am June 6th.



June 6th 7:44am Jon Colgan went live on Facebook with “Antifa came to one of our homes“.


I highly recommend watching that video and all the videos I feature and listening to what they have to say.

Similar to what Antifa did with Tabby and I in Eugene, OR, they apparently put up their doxing fliers on his door and along his walking rout to work. 

8:33am John Colgan was live


Antfia Attacked My Home” by Christopher Ritchie (Facebook)

Antfia Vandalized My Home” by Texas Nomads Patriot Media (Youtube)

The local Antifa there that go under various changing names including by the name Red Guards which is a reference to the communist revolutionary groups of the same name under the Bolsheviks in the USSR and under Mao in China. To learn more about them, click here on the webpage and/or video version of my report “Mayday! Antifa’s Red Guard Attacks – May 1st, 2019″ and/or see the links in the appendix at the bottom of this page. 

My colleague and ally Lauren Comele Morris over at Lincoln Press Media interviewed Christopher Ritchie. see this video on the webpage. “Austin Communists Vandalize Patriot’s Home” by Lincoln Press Media. You are seeing part 1. I recommend that you check out Lincoln Press Media, see the link. They feature some of my reporting as well as great stuff from my colleagues and allies there.

In response to the vandalism, there is this event that you can attend.

Screenshot (4757).png

Jon Colgan just uploaded this video about the incident to Youtube – “So Antifa wants to make me Famous ?“.

John Colgin also uploaded this video;

I urge you to share these reports and videos by these guys and by us, get the word out. Make sure you are still subscribed and notified on Youtube but more importantly on Youtube. Youtube will purge all channels like our sooner or later.

What do you folks think? Comment, like and share.

Thanks for watching.

Wisdom, Truth, justice, honesty, strength, good will, good humor, love and liberty.



Here are some social media accounts for some of the Antifa in that area.

Social Media

Popular Womens Movement@pwm_mfp


Red Guards Kansas City@RedGuardsKC

Incendiary News@incendiarynews

Defend Our Hoodz – Austin @defendourhoodz

Red Guards Kansas City

Red Guards Worldwide


Popular Women’s Movement

Incendiary News

Defend Our Hoodz

Redguards Austin WordPress

Redguards LA WordPress

Incendiary News

Defend Our Hoodz




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