Mayday! Antifa’s Red Guard Attacks – May 1st, 2019

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This is the webpage version of this video.


Some hardcore communist revolutionary LARPer Antifas attacked some patriots.

This one is going to be both scary and hilarious. Antifa put a put a patriot in the hospital and they celebrate genocidal dictatorships (and I do not mean to belittle either of those) but wait until I show you what bumbling goof-balls these stupid LARPing hipsters are!

Thanks to Texas Nomads SAR members Laura Lee, Chris Ritchie and Collins Whites for a lot of the information used in this video.

Some Texas Nomads with Marvina Case, Vice President of Texans United for America.



You may know about the incident that led the arrest of a few Antifa at the Texas State University in San Marcos on May 1st, 2019 (if not, see the link below for our video on that).

Screenshot (4344)

But if you don’t watch that, know this – a group called the Texas Nomads SAR planned to come to the campus and some regressive leftists, Antifa and so on planned to protest them and and probably some of them planned to attack them. SAR Stands for Security And Resistance, not, as this article claims, Sons of the American Revolution.

Before the day, they spread lies about Texas Nomads SAR, calling them fascists or white supremacists or whatever. These lies seemed to have taken part in divisions over the group between various campus Republican and conservative groups (and one group, it seems, are just pretending to be Republicans). For more on that see our webpage on that. Links in the description.

The Texas Nomads say that all this hype seemed to be causing trouble for groups like Turning Point USA that they did not want to inflame any further, so they decided to not go to the campus on May 1st.

By the way, while it does have disinformation, the aforementioned article on the Nomads has one video about Mayday at the campus in San Marcos that we did not have time to put in our video about it.

But two of them decided to check out a what was apparently the 5th Annual International Worker’s Day March in Austin, Texas by Red Guard Austin which is an Antifa group that is very much into communism, more specifically, the whole Bolshevik, Leninist, Stalinist, Maoist style of communism – you know, the dictatorships that murdered many millions of innocent people, that rounded up LBGTs for concentration camps, that murdered people for being weird, for not conforming, or just to satisfy blood-lust.

Here are some social media accounts for these people.

Social Media

Popular Womens Movement@pwm_mfp


Red Guards Kansas City@RedGuardsKC

Incendiary News@incendiarynews

Defend Our Hoodz – Austin @defendourhoodz

Red Guards Kansas City

Red Guards Worldwide


Popular Women’s Movement

Redguards Austin WordPress

Redguards LA WordPress

Incendiary News

Defend Our Hoodz

Red Guards Kansas City

Red Guards Charlotte

If you don’t know, the name Red Guards is a reference to the communist revolutionary groups of the same name under the Bolsheviks in the USSR and under Mao in China.

“Suspected enemies could expect cruel torture, flogging, maiming, or execution. Some were shot, others drowned, some frozen or buried alive, and still others were hacked to death by swords. Just who all these “enemies” were depended on the whim of someone in the Cheka, the Red Guard or the Red Army.” – Robert Gellately, Lenin, Stalin and Hitler.

There’s links to some of their pages in the webpage version of this video. Here’s their WordPress. On one of their webpages, they write;

“Chants could be heard for blocks ringing out: “Dare to struggle! Dare to win!” This was also the central slogan of this year’s international joint statement of Maoist Parties and organizations, calling for a Unified International Maoist Conference.

The slogans on the banners and placards celebrated 100 years of Communism in the US and called for the reconstitution of the Communist Party. Large images of the six great teachers of Marxism—Karl Marx, Frederic Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Chairman Gonzalo—made a strong second line in the march behind a leading banner which was adorned with the image of Chairman Mao and displayed the slogans “Long live 100 years of Communism in the US”, “Long live Red May 1st”, and “Combat and resist!””


They marched in the area of Austin where Tabby and I used to clean up garbage with our roommates and whoever else wanted to volunteer on a given day.

They blamed the police and the victims of their violence for their violence. They write that…

“the comrade who faces the most serious charge of assault with a deadly weapon, accused of defending herself against fascist attack.”

I don’t think that they mean that she was actually accused of defending herself. I think this is their not-entirely-literate way of saying that the accused was defending herself. At any rate, they write that…

“a fight broke out”


“the police’s plans to once again rout the march forced a crowd of marchers into close contact with the fascist duo”

How many times now have I covered cases in which these people blame the those who they attack with the flawed logic of “they made us attack them”? How is this different than “She was asking for it – she was dressed provocatively.”?

These collectivists (AKA anti-individualists) complain of being arrested indiscriminately. Further on, they write…

“This International Workers’ Day was christened in the blood of the fascist enemy and this alone is a cause worthy of celebration for Communists, workers, and antifascists.”

Here’s what Collin had to say about the attack…

Three of the commies were arrested.


Here’s a photo of Amy Stanford being arrested. Laura Lee says she has a $25,000 bail.

Amy Stanford. Arrested for assault witn a deadly weapon. $25k bail..jpg
Amy Stanford. Arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

Look at some of these photos they posted to Facebook. Oh how nice. Bloody pig heads.

They are so far left that they say Beto O’Rourke is a capitalist pig!

Heck! They say that the Democratic Socialists of America are capitalists pigs and they write…

“Just say no to social fascism and the electoral cretinism of the DSA.  Elections no! Revolution yes!”

Screenshot (4399).png

Here is an article about the research indicating the growing split and increasing extremism in the left by the Economist.


In the following picture I added the dark lines to better show the unification of the right and the division of the left.

20180922_USC938_0 - Copy (2).png

They seem to be the same Antifas that the Texas Nomads SAR filmed in a video on their channel that we mirrored on our own channel with their kind permission.

I am going to play you a little of what happened there on May 1st. To see more, see their channel. I put links in the description. If you want to see the bloody injuries they caused you’re going to have to see the version of this video exclusively on our Bitchute channel. I don’t mean to be a dick, but this sort of thing seems to be the only thing that succeeds in convincing you to go over to Bitchute. While you’re there, subscribe to us because Youtube is phasing out channels like ours. Besides, only on Bitchute will you see more of this Mayday riot in Portland.

Screenshot (4383).png

Screenshot (4391).png

59453176_446157962611956_6558746228740325376_nEnough of that. Let’s get into the Red Guard march in Austin on May Day or, as they call it, International Workers Day. Texas Nomads SAR members Collin Whites and Chris Ritchie showed up to film them. Collin Whites sent me these first three photos of the fliers for the event. The fourth photo is for a different day but it’s from the same people, Collin tells me. He also tells me that the Red Guard also goes by Defend the Barrio and the Popular Women’s Front.




59502532_2321383164580386_8879250151768588288_n 59347624_659716007784328_230135123792625664_n 59670329_2264225453826294_231905054045503488_n

They seem to be associated with or the same people as Defend Our Hoodz – Defiende El Barrio – Austin which seems to be about opposing developers and people they falsely accuse of being fascists. Here is a post in which they falsely accuse the Texas Nomad SAR guys.

Here’s some more of their posts.

So they are against gentrification. That’s fine. But some of them are Hispanic. But some of them are white Antifa types, hipsters, white-knighting for Hispanic people. But they are against hipsters. it seems the white hipsters and the Hispanics involved in this group or these groups are against white hipsters! You can’t make this stuff up! This is as funny as white leisure class kids pretending like they are the working class people who they hate so much – the working class Americans they call Trumpsters and Nazis! These hypocrites have so much doublethink in their cognitively dissonant brains!


But wait! It gets even more insane! Remember that news story about Antifa in Austin protesting a cat adoption cafe place? Well look at these posts!

Screenshot (4396)But wait, there’s more LULz! As you may know, walking dogs is supposedly racist now or, some of these stark raving mad lunatics say, dogs are racist. Look at this post shared on their page! The flier says it is from CORN, the Coalition of Real N*gg*z!



This stuff is amazing. There’s so much hilarious madness from these people but we have to move on. But one more post. Look at these two posts;

I have covered up the bloody head of Collin in this photo and in these photos because I want you to see the Bitchute version of this video.

2016-11-22 Tabby Rabbit (7) - Copy
Tabby, my co-conspirator



We could go on and on with this socialist social media rabbit hole. But as the white rabbit said, I’m late! I’m late! for a very important date with my own Jessica Rabbit so we have to move on.







No wait! This just in! Extra! Extra! I have to tell you this. This is too good to pass on. Laura Lee just told me this so I can tell you. She says they have all the different communist groups in Texas fighting and that they pit them against each other all the time. Furthermore;

“On Christmas Day we dropped the dox on one of their main intel/doxxing people. But literally at the same time on the same day red guards were doing the same thing, dropping a dox on the same guy. But they had his info wrong. They didn’t have the right info. Later that day or maybe the next day they saw our info and rewrote their article (same people that you just posted the article from) so to other Antifa groups it made it look like the people who wrote the article were working with us.
That’s the biggest example. It caused a HUGE rift amongst all the different Antifa factions here. So now the guy we outed has been black balled and his intel team had been reduced to him and two crazy old ladies on twitter”


“Me, [REDACTED] and some others doxxed that asshole. He had been doing it for years behind fake names. No one knew who he was.

This is him and one of the old birds that still thinks they are relevant
He’s Texasintel. We doxxed her old broken down ass too”


You may be puzzled by that last remark. Well, as far as I know there are no “American fascists in Venezuela but at least one Proud Boy went there. Here’s the Enrique Tarrio, the Chairman of the Proud Boys in Venezuela.

Enrique, if you see this, we hope you are doing great.

OK, let’s not forget the point of this video. This attack.

Here’s some of the injury inflicted. Yeah, these people are psychotic.

Screenshot (4342)

As for Chris Ritchie, he told me;

I was hit but got my shots in. No i got no serious injury. Sore but nothing bad. Just the cut to Collins head

The Red Guard Austin writes…

Unbroken and unhampered by the arrests, the marchers pushed on, traveling through the working district back to a major intersection where a speech was given against US imperialism and in solidarity with the prisoners of war and political prisoners of the International Communist Movement, chief among these was Chairman Gonzalo of Communist Party of Peru, followed by Igor Mendez in Brazil, comrade Ajith in India,  Comrade Dr. Sernas Garcia, disappeared by the Mexican state, and Comrade Dallas in the US, who faces over a decade in prison.  Comandante Gato, recently murdered in Mexico was also given honors.

“What is our duty as Communists, as the sons and daughters of the proletariat?” the speaker cried out, “Our most sacred duty, that which we can never neglect, is to reconstitute our Party—the Communist Party of the United States of America, which will be the most eager knife in the hands of our class carving a new future for all of us with the initiation of People’s War!” At this, the crowed amassed at the intersection let out a loud cheer.

The police force, exhausted from bad diets and warm weather, eventually fell back and the Communists, militants, and workers once again took to the streets marching down Pleasant Valley—a main artery of the neighborhood.


They write that they extend…

the utmost honors to our arrested comrades, especially the comrade who faces the most serious charge of assault with a deadly weapon, accused of defending herself against fascist attack.”


 “Every blow struck against the fascist enemy is a service to the people.  In the words of Mao, “Everything reactionary is the same; if you do not hit it, it will not fall.””

They link to a propaganda piece about “Red May Day” in Los Angeles by the Red Guards of Los Angeles…

“…in opposition to the phony May Day marches and rallies in downtown Los Angeles led by the labor aristocrats of organized labor, Democratic Party imperialists, and capitalist non-profits.”

If you don’t know, there were May Day riots in various cities from Portland to Paris.

I’d like to again thank Laura, Collin and Chris for their help and I would like to thank them and thank all of the Texas Nomads SAR and all the good patriots who stand up to the red menace, to Antifa scum. All Americans owe them our gratitude if not our direct support.

What do you think of all this madness, folks?

Leave us a comment. Comment on this WordPress and SUBSCRIBE!

Until next time, love, life, light, leaping laughter and liberty!

Some source videos

Texas Nomad & Antfia Fight Mayday” by Texas Nomads Patriot Media
Nomads & Antfia Clash May Day Austin Part 1” by Texas Nomads Patriot Media
Nomads & Antfia Clash Austin May Day Part 2” by Texas Nomads Patriot Media
Nomads & Antfia Clash Commies Arrested May Day” by Texas Nomads Patriot Media
Collin’s injury. Antifa clash update” by Jon Colgin

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