White Antifa vs Candace Owens, Black Students & Proud Boys (?) April 15th, 2019

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The sources below may or may not be honest/accurate. I certainly do not take their word for it. In fact, I post some things to demonstrate how dishonest/inaccurate they are.

2019-04-14 URGENT - Antifa Plans to Attack Candace Owens Again on April 15th at the University of Pennsylvania

You may have seen our video or read our article titled “URGENT! Antifa Plans to Attack Candace Owens Again on April 15th at the University of Pennsylvania” in which we explain that Antifa planned to attack Candace Owens and shut down her speaking engagement at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia on April 15th as part of Turning Point USA’s Campus Clash Tour. It was co-hosted by the College Republicans. We wondered if the event was real because it was not publicly listed either because it was not open to the general public or because it was never planned in the first place. Well it was real, it happened and Antifa failed to shut it down. Nor did they attack her, it seems.

In the morning, Candace tweeted this;

sddsd.jpg Ruby Bridges is the little girl in this iconic photo of November 14th, 1960 which was the first day of the first grade for and the first day of court ordered desegregation of schools in New Orleans to comply with the Brown vs Board of Education 1954 the Supreme Court ruling in which racial segregation of public schools  was declared unconstitutional. The “separate but equal” doctrine. But this was not respected in all places and legal battles ensued. In 1960 a federal order was issued ordering the gradual desegregation of New Orleans schools. This is why on November 14th, 1960 Ruby, protected from Antifa – I mean from a mob by federal marshals, and 3 other black students started the first grade in New Orleans in what were previously all white schools. Ruby attended William Frantz and the others went to school elsewhere.

White students withdrew from the school and Ruby and her teacher were the only two present in her classroom.


Ruby Bridges looking at the famous painting by Norman Rockwell of that historic day.


The famous painting by Norman Rockwell.




Shortly before 7pm, Candace tweeted this;

This was liked and retweeted by tens of thousands and has 1.61 million the last time I looked. This was retweeted by her colleague at Turning Point USA Charlie Kirk with tens of thousands more likes and retweets.

Unicorn Riot (an Antifa media outlet) tweeted this;

I don’t know if those were Proud Boys or not. One can’t trust what Antifa says, so who knows. Maybe they were just concerned students or whatever. Normally I would ask some Proud Boys about this but that would normally require me to use Facebook (the Proud Boys have been largely kicked off Twitter due to Twitter’s Orwellian bias) but I am, as usual, suspended from Facebook for telling a censor-loving British person that Brits like him lack the balls to stand up to their Orwellian government as you may have sen in our video about that.

You may remember in the last video this tweet by an Antifa account;

Well, look what we have here. Our fellow content creator Tiberius Maximus!

At the time that I record this narration which is the early afternoon of April 16th, the Antifa twitter accounts featured in the last video that were talking about shutting down Candace have not mentioned anything about their little protest. This includes Fellow Worker Gritty, AntiFash Gordon and Antifa Philadelphia (with the handle @phillyANTIFA not the Antifa Philadelphia Twitter account with the handle @ANTIFAphilly). It’s Going Down, who serves as Antifa’s Joseph Goebbels, their minitrue, their Orwellian Ministry of Truth, in other words, their Minister of Propaganda also has not tweeted about the event.

But look at this tweet;

Notice they received 7 likes but, as far as I can tell, there were no tomatoes thrown. Look at this response to that tweet;

Notice that they tagged Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, Twitter, Twitter Support and Twitter Help. Will they do anything about this tweet? I don’t think they should delete the tweet, but the point here is that here is another case of Twitter’s bias because, if you don’t know, they censor tweets that challenge the far left like crazy, even if those tweets are in support of the moderate left, as has been demonstrated ad nauseum.

If you want, see the webpage version of this video to see if this tweet is still up by the time you see this.

The Daily Pennsylvanian reported on this with this article (which I am not saying is entirely accurate or honest, just so you know);

Minutes before the event, leftist and anti-fascist protestors voiced their disapproval of Owens’ presence. About 20 anti-fascist protestors from Philadelphia Antifa wore ski masks and bandanas and gathered on College Green, shouting “F**k Candace Owens” and “F**k the police.” PAGE protestors also gathered in a silent demonstration against Owens inside College Hall.

PAGE is Penn Association for Gender Equity and you can see their Facebook post about this here;

The Daily Pennsylvanian continues;

UMC Chair and College sophomore Kevin Zhou said the 6B — Penn’s six main minority coalition groups — met prior to Monday’s event to discuss the response and to denounce Owens.

“We all know what she’s been doing around here. A lot of mocking, a lot of racist statements, saying racism doesn’t exist, mocking sexual assault victims,” Zhou said. “UMC was in full support of [the protest].”

College freshman Kate Silva, who silently protested against Owens inside College Hall, said Owens approached her and other protesters while she was inside. Silva said while Owens was “polite” in her interactions with them, she disputed their criticisms of her.

“She was coming over and looking at a lot of the posters and then asking students who were holding posters to give her examples of when she had said things or done things,” Silva said.

At the event, Owens sharply attacked the #MeToo movement and questioned why black Americans would be supportive of the anti-sexual assault campaign.

“The concept that we should just believe women is exactly what got my ancestors lynched,” Owens said. “We’ve learned our lesson the hard way with that.”

Owens also promoted the “Blexit” movement, a campaign she launched that encourages black Americans and other minorities to leave the Democratic Party…

Further on, they write;

…The Statesman President and College junior Sydney Gwynn wrote in an email to The Daily Pennsylvanian that Owens’ speech was a success and that Penn resources were used productively by hosting the controversial speaker.

“We felt that bringing her to campus would benefit the Penn community as she presents a viewpoint that is not well represented on campus,” Gwynn said.

“The Antifa ‘protestors’ had pretty much no impact on the event. Our report on their pre-event threats really boosted our website’s daily views though so they actually ended up helping us in a way.”

College Republicans Communications Director and Wharton freshman Corey Paredes declined to comment on the event and the protests.

Here are some more articles;

Candace Owens, conservative activist, met with protests ahead of fiery speech at Penn” the Daily Pennsylvanian

Philly Antifa promotes ‘shutting down’ Candace Owens event. Her response is perfect (VIDEO)” by Campus Reform

Antifa and Other Leftists Threaten Upcoming Candace Owens Event at U. Pennsylvania” by Legal Insurrection

Antifa, others threaten Candace Owens event at U. Pennsylvania” by the College Fix



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