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The sources below may or may not be honest/accurate. I certainly do not take their word for it. In fact, I post some things to demonstrate how dishonest/inaccurate they are.

2019-03-01 More Financial Unpersoning

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Also see: Financial Unpersoning – Joe Biggs & Enrique Tarrio (Proud Boys)

and Even More Financial Unpersoning – Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio (& Many Others) Cut Off From Payment

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Screenshot (3076).png

If you have not seen my video “Financial Unpersoning – Joe Biggs & Enrique Tarrio (Proud Boys)” then know that recently media personality Joe “Rambo” Biggs and Enrique Tarrio, self described “4th° Vice City Revered Lads, Villain, Entrepreneur, Anti-Communist, Comedian” but known most notoriously, most infamously as Chairman of the Proud Boys have had their bank accounts closed.

For more on that see my aforementioned video.

I also mentioned in that video that activist and journalist Laura Loomer apparently had her bank account suspended (as opposed to closed) and that she has been barred from using Uber, Lyft, Paypal, had her Twitter account closed and the list goes on and on. Acording to The Hill, “A PayPal spokesperson confirmed Loomer’s ban to the Daily Beast. She told the paper to “f— off” when reached for comment.”

Now I have some updates on the situation with Joe Biggs and Enrique Tarrio cases and a new case: multi-media personality and creator Martina Markota. What do these 4 people have in common. They are all right wing or at least considered to be and the bank that closed or suspended their accounts is Chase Bank.

Chase bank has no moral high ground upon which to stand and not just because they engage in usury, I personally see nothing wrong with charging for services provided, but because, it seems, they preyed upon Jews under the Nazi occupation of France, allegedly closing the bank accounts of Jews in Paris under the Nazi occupation of France and they were possibly ”overly cooperative in providing banking services to Germany during the Occupation” and apparently having a hand in the seizing of assets by the Nazis which may not ever have been returned.

Update on Enrique Tarrio’s Case

I spoke with Enrique Tarrio the Chair of the Proud Boys on the phone on February 26th to ask him if there has been any updates on his situation with Chase Bank. His answer, which was on the record, was, well, complicated.


I think, so as to not try your patience, that I should just sum it up as such; since the initial articles by Big League Politics and others have come out, he has contacted representatives of Chase Bank and Chase Payment Tech, which are separate entities and which have both closed his accounts. The operators he talked with on the phone for both have more-or-less confirmed that his situation was unconventional. That is to say this is not a routine situation, not a simple mistake, not a standard situation. When he asked them why his accounts were closed, both said something like, “Sure, let me pull that up.” as if it were routine and then both said something like , “Oh, unfortunately I can’t tell you because this is being processed by an internal department” and both said that they had never seen anything like this before.


But they gave him no clear simple answer. They did not give him a legitimate reason nor did they admit to being politically biased against him.

Tarrio told me that after the news about Chase closing his accounts came out, his supporters told Chase what they thought about it on Chase’s Twitter and that after that, Chase sent him an unsolicited email offering him reasons why they closed his account. This is complicated, but I think it is fair to sum their reasoning up as this – one of his companies sells some controversial stuff like the “Pinochet Did Nothing Wrong” T shirt (which, if you don’t know, is actually just a trolling joke meant to trigger communists. You see, Pinochet, the story goes, gave communists in his nation “free helicopter rides” and they were thrown to their deaths from these helicopters). I think the gist of what Tarrio told me was that Chase said that they do not want to be associated with that sort of controversial stuff.

Also, Tarrio stated quite clearly that he is not far right. So again, as I have proven in a number of videos in the past, the much of the media lies about him and about the Proud Boys in general.

48407298_130264214647505_8675643280026763264_nI asked him if he thinks this may have something to do with his relationship with the maligned long time Trump adviser Roger Stone and he said it might, but who really knows?

Update on Joe “Rambo” Biggs


Apparently, after fellow veterans complained and threatened to close their accounts on his behalf, Chase told Biggs they would reinstate his account, despite still not giving him a reason why they closed his account. Biggs has (wisely, I think) declined to reinstate an account with Chase on principle. In fact, he encourages #dumpchase.

Martina Markota

On her Twitter, Martina Markota describes herself as;

Mathematician, NYU, Daily Caller alum, Performance Artist  1st Gen 🇺🇸/🇭🇷 This is my Clark Kent persona. founder of  


Wait – founder of #gothright? I am not so sure about that. Let’s just say that a source I trust says that #gothright existed on Reddit and 4chan before Markota used it, but I don’t know. Anyway, that ties us back to Cy and Devlin, my old friends from the Pittsburgh club scene featured in my video “Right Wing Goths and Goths for Trump“. I could have included Markota along side my luscious wife Tabatha, my friend and content creator James Pawson (See his Bitchute and Youtube channels) and other right wing goth friends including the lovely Caleena who should make her own videos (Caleena, you got the looks and the charisma, and you have a rapacious with like a whip crack so JUST DO IT!).

caleena (57).jpg


2016-01-12 Tabatha originals 2 (117).JPG







Anyway, I could have included Markota in that video. I just wasn’t aware that she’s into goth. In fact, I still know almost nothing about Markota which just shows how out of touch I am because Markota is all over the place. In fact, although this piece, “#GothRight: A Brief Overview” says that I  am “the largest content creator who uses the hashtag” but like a few other things about me, the author is wrong about that. Markota is clearly bigger. At any rate, in response to this article, Markota tweeted;

Markota also has her own comic book Lady Alchemy. Here is a promo;


On February 19th, Markota tweeted;

See this response from Adam Post and her subsequent response;

A few minutes later, she tweeted;

Not long after she tweeted;

Later she tweeted;

One noteworthy response to this is;

On February 20th, Markota Tweeted;

As you can see, she included a link to this article also from February 20th Luke Rohlfing reported for Big League Politics;

Conservative commentator, and former burlesque dancer Martina Markota has joined an elite list of Trump supporters who have had their Chase Bank accounts shut down in recent weeks.

Along with Markota, Proud Boys’ Chairman Enrique Tarrio, and Trump supporting Army veteran Joe Biggs have had their Chase Bank accounts shut down in recent weeks.

Speaking to Big League Politics, Markota explains that the account shut down was linked to an Indiegogo campaign which has raised over $34,000 for a graphic novel she is working on, making the account shut down all the worse.

Upon getting notice of her account shutdown, Markota contacted Chase Bank by phone to ask why her account was shut down.

“They refused to tell me why,” Markota stated. “They said they have the right to end our relationship and not tell me why.”

She began to believe that her bank account shutdown was was politically motivated after reading Big League Politics‘ story on Tarrio. This suspicion is well warranted considering the fact that her outspoken support for President Trump has exposed her to a torrent of harassment in recent years.

Markota’s former co-workers from her burlesque days have been on a crusade to make her life miserable ever since she came out as a Trump supporter.

Their harassment got so bad that Markota is pursuing legal action against the most vicious tormentor.

As Markota told Pawl Bazile of Dangerous:

“I am currently pursuing criminal charges against a performer who has tried to solicit my information to antifa and other left-wing media groups to defame me and put me and my family’s life in danger. They refuse to leave me alone, every step of the way. These people are relentless and angry. I left their scene, I left NYC, I moved on to another career and they still follow my every step and try to sabotage my life. At this point I think they want me dead.”

It is unclear if Markota’s account shutdown is politically motivated, but considering the series of other shutdowns in recent weeks, it seems very likely.

Let’s look at this article about it also from February 20th by Tyler Durden for Zero Hedge doing our best to skip over the more redundant portions. Durden calls her a “Conservative performance artist and Rebel Media personality” and adds that Chase Bank “has made no secret of its support for liberal causes (see its decision to cut ties with the gun industry)”

Durden also reports;

Two weeks after Chase Bank announced that it would no longer do business with Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio, Conservative performance artist and Rebel Media personality Martina Markota has become the latest conservative media figure to be targeted by the bank which has made no secret of its support for liberal causes (see its decision to cut ties with the gun industry).


If political motivations were in fact behind her de-platforming, that would make Markota the latest in a string of conservatives including Alex Jones, Laura Loomer and Jordan Peterson who have been financially targeted for their political views by what are still perceived as unbiased, apolitical organizations, when in reality financial isolation and boycotts is precisely how outspoken, ideologically opposing voices get silenced.

Alexander Hall reports for News Busters;

She is one of several conservatives dealing with the onslaught of financial blacklisting and deplatforming that arguably kicked off with the removal of Alex Jones across multiple platforms in 2018. Chase bank itself has been overtly political than its competitors. Chief Financial Officer Marianne Lake told reporters that JPMorgan Chase bank and gun industry relations “have come down significantly and are pretty limited.”

When activist Laura Loomer was financially blacklisted by PayPal, she lamented her plight on Instagram, that “Left wing terrorists and tech tyrants” are trying to shut her down because she is a ”Conservative Jewish woman who speaks truth about Islam.” She mentioned how this struggle is now taking a serious financial toll, ”How am I supposed to pay my bills? I can’t get a regular job because I have been accused of being a Nazi. Am I supposed to be homeless?”

Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin left Patreon this past January in protest against their selectively enforced censorship and deplatforming policies. This was partially triggered by Patreon changing its own rules to deplatform free speech advocate Carl Benjamin, better known as Sargon of Akkad.

By the way, I have collected a lot of developments of the whole Patreon debacle and other censorship, deplatforming and other forms of bias against people perceived to be right wing by various media monopolies on a webpage which I update periodically. It’s one of many webpages on different areas of the culture war that I update all of which you can see by seeing the link below.

Jorge Arenas writes for Bounding Into Comics;

In an interview with my colleague, John Trent, Markota detailed how she was “harassed and blacklisted” due to her politics.

But, just like Comicsgate artists, my cohorts found out that I did not adhere to their ideology, the burlesque and nightlife scene are extreme SJWs and feminists, and they did everything to destroy my life and career.

I was harassed and blacklisted just like Mindy Wheeler. They ganged up on me as a group to harass the theatre I worked in until they told me not to come back into work. They harassed my agent and demanded she drop me or they would refuse to work on gigs with me. They made her life generally hell for letting me work at all until she just couldn’t take it anymore and dropped me. They created campaigns and social media movements and propaganda against me, soon my reputation was worldwide in the industry and I was completely blacklisted. They would contact anyone they knew I was associated to anywhere in the country and inform them to remove me and unfriend me, they contacted all my interactions on social media to inform them I was a “bigot.””

Here’s more about the apparent deplatforming of Markota by regressives.

Here’s my view – rather than trying to take away the rights of private entities to decline to do business with people when they want to, let the free market take care of it. Let’s exercise our own rights to refuse to give our money to Chase Bank, to boycott Uber, Lyft, Patreon and so on. Let’s use Minds or Gab and so on instead of Twitter. Granted, I still use Facebook, but mainly to encourage you to use Minds and Gab and to do my best to undermine Facebook. Granted, I use Youtube, but only to encourage you to use Bitchute instead. Anyway, #dumpchase and otherwise hit these regressive companies where it hurts – their profit. Use the free market to punish these companies.


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