URGENT! Antifa Plans to Attack Candace Owens Again on April 15th at the University of Pennsylvania

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2019-04-14 URGENT - Antifa Plans to Attack Candace Owens Again on April 15th at the University of Pennsylvania

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The sources below may or may not be honest/accurate. I certainly do not take their word for it. In fact, I post some things to demonstrate how dishonest/inaccurate they are.

This is not an exhaustive collection on this subject but it will be added to and updated as much as possible. 

Antifa plans to attack Candace Owens on Monday, April 15th and it would be great if some of you help protect her from the mob. But keep in mind that there are some seemingly sketchy aspects to this story as we will see.

Though some aspects of this story are questionable, as we will go over, it seems that Antifa are planning to attack Candace Owens on April 15th at the University of Pennsylvania where she is apparently speaking as part of Turning Point USA‘s Campus Clash Tour. Turning Point USA’s Campus Clash Tour also includes Donald Trump Jr., Dave Rubin, Charlie Kirk and others but not every person on the tour will be speaking at every stop on the tour, it seems, but at any rate, notice that the mostly white Antifa are talking about how they want to stop a black woman from speaking but they make no mention of wanting to stop any of the white speakers. Also keep in mind our videos from a few months ago in which we report that some white Philadelphia Antifa guys gang stomped 2 Hispanic men while using racial slurs against them. So it does seem that Philadelphia Antifa are just racists pretending to be anti racist.

If you go to the Campus Clash Tour page on Turning Point USA’s website, they do not list an April 15th date among their listed dates for the tour. Candace Owens’ website also does not include this date on the events page. A search on the University of Pennsylvania website for “Turning Point USA” yields no results and a search for “Candace Owens” yields nothing relevant. There seems to be no mention of the event on the Twitter accounts of Candace OwensDave Rubin, Charlie Kirk or Donald Trump Jr. but then again none of them mention the publicly listed event for the next day at Michigan Sate University.

This seems suspicious, at least at first glance. But consider that the UPenn Statesman reports, “The Candace Owens event at Penn on Monday will be limited to people affiliated with the host groups and PennCard holders.”

So are Turning Point USA, Candace Owens and others not publicly advertising this supposed event because it’s not open to the general public or because it’s been cancelled in the face of impending attack by Antifa or because there never was any such planned event on that date at that University? Normally if a tour date is cancelled, they don’t just delete the listing. Typically they keep the listing up but not that it is cancelled – IF they announce it in the first place which they may have not done because it’s not open to the general public.

Turning Point USA does list an event at the University of Pennsylvania on April 23rd but this seems to be open to the public (you can get tickets here) and this event, it seems, will not feature Candace Owens.

An other potentially suspicious aspect to this whole thing is that a Twitter account called ANTIFA Philadelphia with the handle @PhillyANTIFA tweeted;

Notice that it was written in Ebonics or something. It seems as if this is from white people and it’s making fun of black people.

BUT the Twitter account called ANTIFA Philadelphia with the handle @ANTIFAPhilly tweeted this on this day last year;

This is reminiscent of one of those scenes in many films and TV shows in which there are two characters who look alike and some other character, usually holding a gun is standing there deliberating like King Solomon trying to figure out which of the two is telling the truth when they are both saying that the other one is an impostor (“I’m the real me, he’s a fake! Shoot him”).

After spending a while looking at both accounts, I can’t figure out which is fake, if either (or which, if either, is real). Since it seems important to get the word out about this event (if it’s real), I had to move on.

But let me say this – if it was someone doing satire of Antifa when they tweeted that Ebonics tweet it is true that other apparently Antifa accounts like and retweeted it. That happens. I have a satire account that will tweet ridiculously racist and sexist stuff and other stuff and people who seem to be serious Antifas like and retweet it.

Remember that a few months ago (reportedly) Philadelphia Antifa (white guys) gang stomped two Hispanic men while using racial slurs against them so perhaps it should not surprise us if they also use Ebonics to mock a black people and/or a black woman. See our videos below for more on this;

Who Does Antifa Actually Attack? 9 Marine Corps Reservists

Antifa Racist Hate Crime – White Antifas Using Racial Slurs Against Hispanic Americans

Antifa Being Racist 3 – James Alcoff

Backing up to April 11, 2019 the Antifa Twitter account Fellow Worker Gritty tweeted this long thread, the one that we just saw was retweeted by @PhillyANTIFA (not @ANTIFAPhilly) starting with;

In the thread, Antifash Boomhauer tweeted;

Antifash Boomhauer has the white power symbol, the Black Sun, the Swastika and so on on their Twitter. What are we to make of that? I am not sure but let’s come back to that later.

A little earlier on April 12th, UPenn Statesman tweeted;

On April 12th, this video was uploaded by the Youtube channel the Statesman (which is apparently the Youtube channel for the UPenn Statesman.

April 13th, 9:02am, UPenn Statesman tweeted;

On April 13th at 3:08pm, AntiFash Gordon tweeted this with a link to this event page on Facebook by Burning Point Philly.

After being run out of a restaurant last summer (see the links below), someone made this meme which is of course a play on a famous photo of the Little Rock Nine civil rights battle.

download.jpg DkAZO6UUwAIXIvN








Here’s more on that incident from last summer.

ANTIFA protesters confront conservative activists Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens at Philly restaurant” by Philly Voice August 6th, 2018

Black conservative Candace Owens attacked by Antifa mob” by RT August 6th, 2018

Left-Wing Mob Interrupts Candace Owens’ Breakfast With Primal Screams” by Hot Air, August 6th, 2018

Candace Owens Attacked by Antifa Mob: ‘Stop White Supremacy!’” by LifeZette August 6th, 2018

A leftist mob just made martyrs of Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens” by the Washington Examiner August 6th, 2018

Let’s conclude with these words from Charlie Kirk…

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