Prudent Patriot Assaulted/False Yvette Felarca Sighting

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The sources below may or may not be honest/accurate. I certainly do not take their word for it. In fact, I post some things to demonstrate how dishonest/inaccurate they are.

This is not an exhaustive collection on this subject but it will be added to and updated as much as possible. 


Today I was alerted of a possible Yvette Felarca sighting!


This is the web page version of this video.

If you have been following our videos about Felarca, you know that she was scheduled to stand trial weeks ago, but, oddly, when the scheduled day came, there were no media reports about it. I kept checking hour after hour and there was nothing. I then checked over the next week or so and nothing.

On April 6th, 2019, in Loomis, California, someone who goes by the Prudent Patriot apparently was assaulted and he identified one of the alleged attackers as Yvette Felarca and then later realized it was not her. What happened, however, is interesting nonetheless; yet an other case of hateful, irrational, violent regressive leftists doing their thing.

Prudent Patriot livestreamed this video to Facebook that he captioned”Methodist church in Loomis CA. Having an #Immigration advocacy event promoting their agenda“.

Apparently this was an event advocating for unlimited immigration. Earlier on, during a break, one can hear the livestreamer talking with one of the panelists and then someone who seems to be one of the organizers or affiliated with them. He politely asks them common sense questions that can be summarized as; “How many people should or can the USA take in? Is there a limit in your view?” He did not get a single short and clear answer and eventually the event recommenced.

At about 1:40:42, a man gets right in front of the livestreamers’ phone and tells him that “they” don’t want him streaming there. He does seem to be somewhat confrontational. He certainly doesn’t seem to be neutral towards the livestreamer. Then you can hear a woman talking with him as well.

At about 1:47:40 he begins to politely ask a reasonable question when, it seems, he is assaulted. He is then kicked out and you can see a hand on his shoulder, perhaps to push him out. He is then hounded and, it seems, assaulted a few times outside by, among others, a woman that he incorrectly identifies as Yvette Felarca. Notice that a few of them follow him and then one of them claims that he flashed a white power sign. It seems that was just made up as an excuse for assaulting him despite the fact that he did nothing wrong.

A bit later, he started this livestream captioned, “Attacked by someone. Not sure who now. Wasn’t Yvette. I think it was the drummer lady from Cal GOP tea party dinner at claim jumper.”;

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What do you think folks?

Until next time, peace for the peaceful, tough love, equality of opportunity, not of outcome and liberty for those who don’t violate the liberty of others.

Thanks for watching.

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