News: Attacks /Intimidation /Discrimination from Trump Supporters

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The sources below may or may not be honest/accurate. I certainly do not take their word for it. In fact, I include some things to document how dishonest/inaccurate they are.
This is not an exhaustive collection on this subject but it will be added to and updated as much as possible. 



Dallas Frazier: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know” by Heavy

Note that the article above article says that the younger man’s name is Dallas Frazier and that the older man is Mike Alter. I could not find a social media profile for a Dallas Frazier that seems to be the same young man.

I found this Facebook profile for a Mike Alter who appears similar to the older man in the video. I do not know that profile is for the same man. From this profile are some posts (such as this one and this one) from that profile that suggest that he is ex military and proud of that. That would be atypical for an anti-Trump supporter. Also, this profile likes The RIGHT Way which features an Bald Eagle with Trump hair and an American flag and features videos like “ANTIFA LIBTARDS BLOCKING ROAD….GET EXACTLY WHAT THEY ASK FOR!! “, “Antifa Losers try to block driveway entrance to I.C.E. building. Cops with automatic paintball guns handle situation perfectly.👍” and this GIF that mocks Maxine Waters.

Here is an inmate record for Frazier.

Screenshot (5448).png

The following video was embedded in the article above.

MAGA Lunatic Punches 61-Year-Old Man” by The Young Turks



‘I’m not going to let that guy intimidate me,’ says man attacked outside Trump rally” by Fox19Now
The above article contains this video in which the victim is interviewed but in which he does not say if he was an anti-Trump protester or not.

The following article contains the same video as most other reports but also video of Frazier in court. However, like every other report I have thus far found, there is no actual proof if the political views of either man.

‘I’m not going to let that guy intimidate me,’ says man attacked outside Trump rally” by Fox19Now

Man charged with assault after punching anti-Trump protester outside Cincinnati rally” by the Washington Post

Screenshot (5414)

Screenshot (5415)

Screenshot (5418)



It seems there was a case of a Trump supporter attacking a considerably older anti-Trump protester outside a Trump rally. Multiple reports frame it that way at any rate. However, I have yet to find proof that this is indeed the case. Clearly the younger man hits the older man. But so far I see no evidence for the political views of either with the exception of the older man indicating that he is for free speech in this interview on video.

Police: Man charged with assault after punching anti-Trump protester outside US Bank Arena” by WCPO (updated August 2nd)

Note that the above article states…

The brief confrontation — 29-year-old Dallas Frazier climbing out of a pickup and repeatedly punching 61-year-old protester Mike Alter in the head — was recorded and quickly posted to Facebook by fellow protester Scott Fantozzi. More than 1,600 people had shared the video by 10 p.m.

A search for a Scott Fantozzi on Facebook yields only this profile which has no such video so it doesn’t seem to be a profile from the same person.

Man arrested after fight outside Trump rally” by WKRC


Trump Supporter Arrested For Threatening To Murder Members Of Congress” by the Ring of Fire


Suspect wearing ‘MAGA’ hat charged with attempted murder in alleged sword attack” by the Hill


‘MAGA’ hat feud leads to San Francisco sword attack, arrest: cops” by Fox News

MAGA Hat Guy Draws SWORD and SLASHES Dude Who Tried Knocking his Hat Off” by Timcast

‘MAGA’ hat-wearing suspect appears in court on charges of SF sword attack” by KTVU Fox 5


Man Arrested in Reported Sword Attack Over ‘MAGA’ Hat Spat in San Francisco” by KTLA 5


SF police search for ‘MAGA’ hat-wearing man accused in sword slashing” by San Francisco Chronicle

Man in ‘MAGA’ hat slashes man’s hand with sword in Calif.” by AP News


Sword-wielder in ‘MAGA’ hat slashes man outside SF roller rink, police say” by San Francisco Chronicle

Police: Suspect wearing ‘MAGA’ hat attacked man with sword” by the Hill

SF police search for MAGA hat-wearing man who allegedly sliced victim’s hand with sword” by KTVU Fox 2



Trump supporters charged with assault for rally attacks” by CBS News

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