Antifa’s Kit O’Connell is a NAZI!

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Kit O’Connell is a deranged lunatic or (if he is just doing satire) is very, very deep undercover. He writes for It’s Going Down, for example. Kit is, in my limited experience the funniest Antifa ever – no offense meant to the Brandon and Quin of Boston Antifa.

You may remember Kit from past videos. Here’s a taste.


Kit O’Connell; Antifa Domestic Terrorist & His Psycho Mommy

Dreaded Return of Kit O’Connell

kit (5)Kit blames PewDiePie for the terrorist attack on the mosques in New Zealand. I could go on and on with the batshit insane and hilarious tweets from kit, but there’s just too much. But the point of this video it this tweet here. Kit says that the CEO of Twitter, the platform that has given Kit a blue check-mark, meaning that they deem him to be a goodthinker (to use a term from Orwell’s 1984), meaning that they deem him to be part of their orthodoxy, a trusted name, someone who they say tweets accurate and true stuff, is a Nazi.

kit (4).jpgThink about this. Twitter is so far left that they purge people off their platform for tweeting “learn to code” because it offends journalists who have, in the past, have flippantly and insultingly said “learn to code” to out of work coal miners and who are now losing their jobs because they are so bad at their job. Twitter is so far left that it has kicked off a feminist for not being far left enough, more specifically, for tweeting that men are not women. Twitter is so far left that they allow Antifa to dox and to plan violent attacks. Twitter is so far left that they are ok with people calling for the death of the Covington kids, not that they should censor anyone, but they do, they censor anything that is not far left. Twitter, that is this far left, has a CEO that Kit O’Connel says is a Nazi.

If you want never ending laughs, I recommend looking at Kit’s Tweets and if your sides don’t hurt enough, look at the responses. Comedy gold. The truth is funnier than fiction.

Wait – why am I saying he is a Nazi – oh well I am just applying Kit’s standards to himself. I have just as much evidence that Kit is a Nazi as Kit has that Jack, Tim Pool, Boogie, Jordan Peterson and others are Nazis.

See this video that I stumbled across.

I highly recommend reading the responses to his tweets in general, especially these;

this one

and this one

and this one too

Thanks for watching.


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