News: Media Lying About Patriot Prayer

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The sources below may or may not be honest/accurate. I certainly do not take their word for it. In fact, I include some things to document how dishonest/inaccurate they are.
This is not an exhaustive collection on this subject but it will be added to and updated as much as possible. 




Cop cleared in controversy over his friendly texts with Patriot Prayer’s Joey Gibson before, during protests” by the Oregonian/Oregon Live (12:02pm, updated 2019-09-13 10:50am)

Portland Cop Accused By Antifa Of Colluding With Patriot Prayer Is Cleared” by Hot Air (6:41pm)

With regard to the above, also see

The texts  –


Portland Mayor Calls For Investigation of Police After WW Reports Text Messages With Right-Wing Organizer. Read All the Texts Here.” by Willamette Week (the texts are also included here) (2019-02-14)

Texts Between Portland Police and Patriot Prayer Ringleader Joey Gibson Show Warm Exchange” by Willamette Week (2019-02-14)

Text messages between Patriot Prayer leader, Portland cop spur calls for investigation” by the Oregonian (2019-02-14, updated 2019-02-15)

Portland Mayor Orders Investigation of Friendly Texts Between Police and Far-Right Demonstrators” by Slate (2019-02-15)

What We Know About a Portland Cop’s Friendly Texts with a Far-Right Leader” by Vice (2019-02-15)

Wheeler calls for investigation into texts between Portland police and Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson” by King 5 News (2019-02-14, updated 2019-02-15)

Texts Show Protective Relationship Between Portland Cops and Patriot Prayer” by Portland Mercury (2019-02-14)

Joey Gibson’s text messages with Police released” by Joey Gibson (2019-02-14)

Joey Gibson and Portland Police Conspiracy ‘PPD Text MsgGate‘” by SJG Perspective (2019-02-15)

Patriot Prayer Founder Talks About Text Messages Between Him And Portland Police” by KXL FM101 (2019-02-14)

Opposing group responds after learning a Portland Police Bureau officer had been texting with Joey Gibson, the leader of the Patriot Prayer group.” by KATU News (2019-02-15, 6:10pm)

Portland cop’s chatty texts to Patriot Prayer spur outrage but are standard police strategy, experts say” by the Oregonian/Oregonlive (2019-02-16)

Police union: PPB lieutenant was doing his job” by KOIN 6 (2019-02-15, updated 2019-02-16)


Second amendment rally brings alt-right speaker to Coos Bay” by the World


Portland Police Launched a Criminal Investigation After Joey Gibson Complained About an Antifascist Demonstrator” by Willamette Week


Portland Antifascist Sues Right-Wing Organizer Joey Gibson For Defamation” by Willamette Week


Witch Trial in Antifa’s Portland – A FARCE!” by Justin Trouble


Mayor’s staff got protest intel on Patriot Prayer from Portland cop under fire for texts with right-wing leader” by Oregonlive (the Oregonian)


Antifa: Portland Police ‘Protect White Supremacy’ by Passing Intel to Patriot Prayer” by the Daily Beast


News anchor calls Patriot Prayer a white nationalist group” by Patriot Prayer


Police/Gibson Texts – The REAL Story (What Actually Happened)” by Justin Trouble


Portland police and far-right leader had friendly relationship, texts reveal” by the Guardian

Text messages between Patriot Prayer leader, Portland cop spur calls for investigation” by Oregon Live – the Oregonian

The Latest: Portland officer restricted following texts” by the Washington Times


Lying Ted Wheeler (Portland’s Mayor) is SCUM!” by Justin Trouble


Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys Are Literally Unmasking Antifa to Dox Them” by the Daily Beast


Red October I – Inferno” by Justin Trouble



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