The FBI Has Been Watching BAMN/Antifa?


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FBI conducted surveillance of BAMN in the name of combating “domestic terrorism” by World Socialist Website


FBI Records on By Any Means Necessary” by Property of the People


Revealed: FBI investigated civil rights group as ‘terrorism’ threat and viewed KKK as victims” by The Guardian


The FBI did NOT classify Proud Boys as an Extremist Group” by Justin Trouble


I Have the Mayor’s Office LYING on Tape to Protect Antifa & BAMN” by Justin Trouble

My videos about BAMN/Yvette Felarca

The FBI has Been Watching BAMN/Antifa?” 2019-02-06
Yvette Felarca Stands Trial Today Februarty 13th, 2019” 2019-02-13
Yvette Felarca Arrested Again!” 2018-12-13
BAMN (Yvette Felarca) is HATED Even Among the FAR LEFT!” 2018-12-10
BAMN / NAMBLA & Carav@n Kids” 2018-12-09
Victory for Free Speech at UC Berkeley (Yvette Felarca FAILED)” 2018-12-09
M|grant Carav@n vs Antifa / BAMN & Activist Lawyers” 2018-12-09
Is BAMN Embezzling Donations for Caravan Members?” 2018-12-04
Yvette Felarca Loses lawsuit Against Berkeley School District” 2018-10-29
Mass Militant Marxist Revolution” 2018-09-18
Reporting Felarca to the Police” 2018-08-08
Womansplaining with Tabatha Yvette Felarca & BAMN Went Silent – What are They Up To?” 2018-05-09
Berkeley Battle April 15, 2017 – What Actually Happened? Pt 1
Berkeley Battle April 15, 2017 – What Actually Happened? PT 2
Berkeley Battle April 15, 2017 – What Actually Happened? PT 3
1 Year Ago Today – Antifa vs Freedom in Berkeley with Keith of Patriot Warrior Media HD” 2018-03-05
Carlos the Commie Conclave Crasher (interview) pt 1” 2018-02-20
Carlos el Patriota (interview 2)” 2018-02-24
Yvette Felarca at Court Today – The Defense & the Media Lie & Mislead Again” 2018-02-10
Who Does Antifa Actually Attack? Feb 1st, 2017, UC Berkeley – Livestream by Buzzfeed” 2018-02-01
Yvette Felarca in Court Today – BAMN/Antifa Leader Faces the Judge” 2018-01-08
Tabby Womansplains Worden vs Felarca (& more)” 2018-01-15
Antifa ‘Leader’ Calls for MURDER!” 2017-12-05
The Man Who Infiltrated BAMN/Antifa – Carlos” 2017-11-20
Victim Blaming from Pelosi, Felarca, Antifa & More” 2017-09-24
Traitorous Pigs! Your Swine Turn & Rend Thee! Reap What You Sow!” 2017-12-30
I Have the Mayor’s Office LYING on Tape to Protect Antifa & BAMN” 2017-04-24

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My Gab
My backup Youtube Channel Justin Fidel

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