Red October I – Inferno

Portland Police Allow Antifa & BLM to Terrorize Civilians

(This is the written version of the video of the same name. See it here – )

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This video/article will detail one of many cases in which angry, irrational, violent mobs – namely Antifa and Black Lives Matter – were allowed by the police to terrorize law-abiding citizens and vandalize public and/or private property – Portland, Oregon, October 2018. Make no mistake; they literally engage in terrorism by definition (Merriam-Webster, 2018), (Oxford English Dictionary, 2018). As we will see, in this case the police once again stood back and watched from a safe distance because, they said, it might pose a danger to officers if they enforce the law; if they fulfill their oath to protect and serve citizens and the U.S. Constitution. We are talking about soft, spoiled brats who routinely get their asses kicked even when they are armed and outnumber their disarmed opponents (as I have demonstrated in past videos) but Portland’s police are afraid of them? That’s what they say, as we will see, but is that believable? By the way the chief of police in Portland is Danielle Outlaw. Seriously? Seriously.

In response to this lawlessness, a group of freedom-loving patriots held a “flash march” in which they called on police to enforce the law, called on citizens to demand that the police enforce the law and to call on the mayor/police commissioner Ted Wheeler to step down, all while obeying traffic laws as they marched. Along the way, they were blocked and attacked by Antifa, and once again Antifa was sent running.

The organizer of the march, Joey Gibson, would appear (and the issue would otherwise be discussed) on popular media programs including national TV.

Being a national embarrassment, the mayor/police commissioner would hold a special press conference to basically say, “Oh yeah? Well, well… uh… last August the police seized a cache of guns from men who were positioned on a roof top with scary rifles overlooking a protest crowd and they were part of Joey Gibson’s group! By the way, because of this, you should support new measures to further violate people’s constitutional rights…” which, it turns out, is a lie, according to police dispatch records. Police representatives would lie along with him. By the way, they didn’t tell the public that on that day at least one Antifa was walking around with a gun and was not even approached by police according to dispatch records, as we’ll see.

The mayor used this lie as an excuse to push for tighter restrictions on the 1st and 2nd Amendment.

In the following days, their lies would be exposed and they would thereby become even bigger national embarrassments.


Unlike the mainstream media, we will establish and support every fact with one or more sources. In this case, about 80 sources. However, I am not claiming that the facts are true. Hence I will say, “According to this source…” and the like. After each fact is stated, a citation is given like this (Smith, 2018-10-30) which refers to a source given in the reference section like this…

Smith, John. 2018-10-30. “Title”. Publisher.

This way, every fact can easily be checked. Many of my sources are videos that show what actually happened. So, if you are confused when the facts I state are at odds with the narratives that many mainstream media outlets put forth, ask yourself if they establish their facts like I do. By the way, notice how many sources I use. I work hard on this stuff folks, I really do. I don’t ask for money, but I please share this. Thank you.
This story will be a trilogy and this is the first part, Red October I – Inferno, in which these mobs take over streets and harass civilians as police stand back and watch at safe distance for fear for their own safety. Make sure you subscribe to us on Bitchute (see the first link below) to see Red October II – Purgatorio and Red October III – Paradisio.

And now, like Dante, down into the pit of despair go we.
But fear not, for we shall purge and ascend unto the light (in parts 2 and 3).

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Police Shoot & Kill Patrick Kimmons

Patrick Kimmons DoWyTa0XcAE6UUa.jpgPatrick Kimmons (source: @Pdx_resistance)

According to multiple reports (Bernstein, 2018-10-01), (Dowling, 2018), (Raymond 2018 a), (Raymond 2018 b), (Raymond 2018 c) in the early morning of September 30th, 2018, there was an incident leading to the death of Patrick Kimmons by police in Portland, Oregon. The Portland Police Bureau released this update (Portland Police Bureau 2018-10-01) in which they say that they arrived at a shootout between civilians including Kimmons and “moments later, officers were involved in a shooting resulting in Mr. Kimmons being shot and transported to a local hospital where he later died. A gun was recovered near Mr. Kimmons, and multiple firearms were recovered in the area of the crime scene.”

Notice the strategic language with it’s lack of specificity. They call it an, “officer-involved shooting” several times in this release.

From Vigil to Angry Mobs

The Oregonian posted this video from that same day titled, “Memorial crops up at scene of fatal Portland police shooting” (Oregonian, 2018-10-01 RE: 2018-09-30)

At 3:39pm, reporter Lindsay Nadrich tweeted this video and wrote,

“A group of people are now gathered where the officer involved shooting happened early this morning in downtown Portland. One man was killed. Police have not officially identified him, but the group is shouting his name.” (Nadrich, 2018-09-30 3:39pm).

(2018-09-30 3 39PM Nadrich).png

On that day, at 4:17pm, Jennifer Dowling of KOIN 6 News tweeted;

People are protesting the death of a man, shot by police, early Sunday morning.
(Dowling, 2018-09-30 4:17pm)

Brandon Farley tweeted this video which he says is from 5:30pm, September 30th at the sight, “Old Lady asks Protesters to Keep the Noise Down.” (Farley, 2018-10-12 RE: 2018-09-30 5:30pm).

(2018-09-30 530pm RE Farley) (3).png

Farley also tweeted, “Pedestrian Confronts Protesters” with this video.which he places at 6pm, September 30th (Farley, 2018-10-12 RE: 2018-09-30 6:00pm).

(2018-09-30 6pm RE Farley).png

At 6:20pm, Audrey Weil from FOX12 Oregon tweeted, “Protest still going strong on 4th Ave and Harvey Milk St. We spoke to relatives of Patrick Kimmons who say they’re shocked by what happened and want justice for his death” (Weil, 2018-10-01).

Brandon Farley tweeted this video from October 1st 5:30pm at SW 4th and Harvey Milk (Farley, 2018-10-12 RE: 2018-10-01 5:30pm).

(2018-10-01 RE Farley).png

On October 5th 11:29am PDX Resistance (@Pdx_resistance), that is, Portland Resistance (effectively, Portland’s Antifa) tweeted:

It’s time to show up for the family of Patrick Kimmons. If you really believe black lives matter then you need to show up in more than just Facebook posts and lawn signs. Join us in donating to his memorial fund after being murdered by Portland Police.
(PDX Resistance, 2018-10-05 11:29am)

On October 6th, reportedly over 100 or hundreds of protesters gathered at the sight of the shooting and held a march (KATU News, 2018-10-06), (KATU Staff, 2018-10-06), (Njus, 2018-10-06).
Protesters, October 6th, 2018 (KATU Staff)

Brandon Farley tweeted, “Portland Protest Escalates into Riot on the Streets of Downtown” with this video which he places at 4pm, October 6th (Farley, 2018-10-12 RE: 2018-10-06, 4pm).

(2018-10-06 4PM, Farley) (5).png

PDX Resistance tweeted, “Find him. Ruin him.” with a link to the KATU article “A driver pushed through a group of protesters marching in downtown Portland on October 6, 2018. KATU video” which we will return to (PDX Resistance, 2018-10-07 10:15pm RE: 2018-10-06).

(2018-10-07 10 36 AM PDX Resistance) - Cropped.png


Ah yes, this individual dared to disobey these wanna-be fascists, I mean “anti-fascists” (sure they are), so find him and ruin him. Zero tolerance for the sake of tolerance and inclusivity! Makes sense, if you don’t think about it.

They also tweeted “Please RT Do you know this white man? He used his vehicle as a weapon as he plowed through protesters? We take this very seriously especially following the death of Heather Heyer. Non racist Portland would like a word with him. Let us know.” and listed the license plate number which I have blocked out (PDX Resistance, 2018-10-07 RE: 2018-10-06 10:36am).

(2018-10-07 10 36 AM PDX Resistance 1)(2018-10-07 10 36 AM PDX Resistance 2)

Notice that Portland Antifa has given us proof that they broke his driver side window and notice the photographer whose photos were released through PDX Resistance in a doxing post. Also, notice we can see the person’s reflection in the passenger side window. I mention this because it seems this person is allied with PDX Resistance who are doxing this man.

Farley tweeted this video with the caption “Portland Protesters Directing Traffic” which he places at “October 6th, 2018 – 5pm – SW 4th and Harvey Milk formerly Stark st.”. Notice the police officer standing way back and watching these people break the law and harass the tax payers who pay the officer to protect and serve them and to uphold the US Constitution (Farley, 2018-10-12 RE: 2018-10-06 5:00pm).

(2018-10-06 5pm RE, Farley) (1).png(2018-10-06 5pm RE, Farley) (5).png

Farley also tweeted, “Driver Protests a Protest ” along with this video which he places between 6:30pm and 7:30pm, October, 6th (Farley, 2018-10-12 RE: 2018-09-30 6:30pm-7:30pm).

(2018-10-06 6 30PM to 7 30PM RE, Farley).png

On that same day, October 6, KATU reports, “A driver pushed through a group of protesters in downtown Portland Saturday afternoon. A KATU News photographer captured the incident on camera” and here we see that video (KATU News, 2018-10-06).

(2018-10-06 KATU News 1).png

Notice that the KATU video doesn’t show that they were kicking the car before it sped away as we saw in Farley’s video (Farley, 2018-10-23 RE 2018-10-06 1:36am).

(2018-10-06 KATU) A driver pushed through a group of protesters marching in downtown Portland (2).png  (2018-10-06 KATU) A driver pushed through a group of protesters marching in downtown Portland (3) (2018-10-06 KATU) A driver pushed through a group of protesters marching in downtown Portland (1)
Stills from the video embedded in KATU News, 2018-10-06

The driver reportedly told the police that his car sustained $3000 in damage (KATU News, 2018-10-08). This photo appears to show one of the mob members hitting the car with a baton (Balick & KOIN 6 News Staff, 2018-10-06).

(Balick & Koin 6 News Staff, 2018-10-06) - CopyPhoto captioned: “Demonstrators protesting the death of Patrick Kimmons damaged a Lexus as it tried to weave its way through the protesters in the street, October 6, 2018 (Courtesy: Brandon Farley/Farley Films)” (Balick & KOIN 6 News Staff, 2018-10-06)

Writing about the incident, journalist Andy C. Ngo (who would later appear on Fox News) adds more info in his piece about it for the Wall Street Journal (Ngo 2018-10-11 RE: 2018-10-06). Ngo reports that after PDX Resistance doxed him;

Mr. Houser has since received threatening phone calls identifying his wife by name. “I’ve lived here my whole life but I don’t want to go downtown anymore,” he says. “When the streets are commandeered by a sponsored group of angry, agitated ingrates and criminals, we have no city.”

Ngo also writes;

The mob later occupied a busy intersection. When a middle-aged man driving a car with North Carolina plates stopped in confusion, the agitators descended on him. “You white little f—er!” shouted one white man. “You are a little white supremacist. Go back to North Carolina where you came from.” The driver phoned police for assistance. Nobody came.

The crowd targeted other drivers. “You’re lucky you didn’t hit me. I would have beat your a—,” yelled a demonstrator at another driver. One person punched the back of a passing car whose driver dared to honk. In downtown Portland, law-abiding drivers were at the mercy of marauding street thugs.

A block away, police officers looked on passively. Why didn’t they respond? The department told me in a statement that it feared intervention would “change the demeanor of the crowd for the worse.”

Such lawlessness is increasingly typical here. Portland’s Resistance organized a protest after Election Day 2016 that turned into a riot.

Let’s go back a bit. Look who it is there, (KPRC 2 ClickHouston, 2018-04-06) the good Samaritan that just stepped in to stop an attack – Joey Gibson of people who will figure predominately in part 2 of this trilogy, but keep this in mind, the one who lead this riot (Gregory Robert McKelvey to whom we shall return in a moment) accuses Gibson here of being a bad person – a fascist and so on. Yeah, let that sink in.

Z McKelvey and etc (56).jpg

McKelvey is a darling to many unwitting people with his Ted Talks and appearances on TV, and his campaign work for Bernie Sanders and so on, but apparently the guy leads riots, steals money and has kidnapped and choked an underage girl as we’ll come to in a moment. And look at the guy on the far right, that’s Micah Rhodes, McKelvey’s friend and, apparently, a guy who likes to engage in statutory rape, as we will see. Back to Ngo’s article.


Masked vandals smashed stores and set fires, causing over $1 million in damage. Portland’s Resistance raised $55,000 on GoFundMe ostensibly to help pay for the rebuilding effort. Two years later only $2,450 is known to have been dispersed.
(Ngo, 2018-10-11)

The video footage of the riot in 2016 mentioned above is from the Associated Press, Euronews and KPRC 2. (Associated Press, 2016-11-10), (Euronews, 2016-11-11), (KPRC 2 ClickHouston, 2018-04-06).


Portland Antifa – Sex Criminals and Embezzlers

Let’s dwell a bit on this apparent embezzlement of charity by these people and by “these people”, I mean chiefly this guy; Gregory Robert McKelvey because it seems he is chiefly responsible as we will see. Gregory Robert McKelvey is a delegate for the Democrat Party and a campaign manager (which presumably earned him this photo with Bernie Sanders) who claims to have founded Portland Resistance (McKelvey, n.d.). He can be seen leading their marches, at any rate.

Z McKelvey and etc (1)
McKelvey, DNC delegate and campaign manager with Bernie Sanders.

McKelvey founder of PDX Resistance 2.jpg

McKelvey claiming to be the founder of Portland Resistance (an Antifa front).

McKelvey leading.jpg

McKelvey Leading a Portland Resistance march

Here are some more articles about this apparent donation embezzlement by Gregory Robert McKelvey and Portland Resistance (Balick & KOIN 6 News Staff, 2018-07-30). These articles also say that in 2016, after the presidential election, they threw a violent, destructive temper-tantrum resulting in a lot of damage, then asked for and collected about $55,000 to repair the damage they did, then kept almost all of it (Balick & KOIN 6 News Staff, 2018-07-30). Note that you can see McKelvey, Rhodes and Kat Stevens at the beginning of this video.

McKelvey, Rhodes, Stevens 50k.jpg
McKelvey, Rhodes and Stevens

It seems that McKelvey then fled Portland, Oregon for Atlanta, Georgia (Balick & KOIN 6 News Staff, 2018-07-30). At any rate, on July 27, 2018, McKelvey did announce that he was leaving Portland for Atlanta (McKelvey, 2018-07-27 6:08pm).

(2018-07-27, McKelvey).png

If Portland Resistance and McKelvey are guilty of embezzlement of charity money, it may not be the last time, nor would it be McKelvey’s most heinous crime.

Z McKelvey and etc (80).jpgGregory Robert McKelvey

According to these articles, McKelvey was arrested on September 24th, 2011, for, “fourth-degree assault, first-degree domestic kidnapping, strangulation and harassment.” The incident was reported to have happened at about 3am between McKelvey, an adult, and his ex-girlfriend, “a female younger than 18.” (Corvallis Gazette-Times, 2011-10-01), (Kavanaugh 2018-01-16). So, if he was having sex with his underage girlfriend, that makes him a sex-offender.

Z McKelvey and etc (66)

McKelvey, Connie & Stevens, etc.png

McKelvey with his mother and Kat Stevens

Ironically, it’s interesting to note that his mother, Connie McKelvey is a lawyer who deals with, among other things, “allegations of sexual misconduct” and “boundary violations” hmmmmmmm. (Braingarbage, 2016-02-27), (Lindsay-Hart, n.d.).

(n.d. updated 2018-07-02 610PM) (2).png

Micah Rhodes

Reportedly, his Portland Antifa partner Micah Rhodes has a history serious sexual misconduct, and, well, rape. Rhodes has been found guilty of statutory rape of an underage girl (Dmitry, 2018-03-12), (Green, 2018-03-10), (Weisberg, 2017-01-30) and of, statutory rape of an underage boy (Dmitry, 2018-03-12), (Weisberg, 2017-01-30). Baxter Dmitry reports:

“Rhodes faces four counts of second-degree sexual abuse and one count of third-degree sexual abuse.

The Antifa leader was on supervision by the Oregon Youth Authority for sexual abuse and sodomy at the time he was charged for alleged abuse in both counties, authorities say. Juvenile records aren’t public, so details of the earlier case aren’t available.

Rhodes had been required to register as a sex offender at the time he was charged in the Multnomah and Washington county cases, however that didn’t stop Antifa from allowing him to work closely with underage boys and girls.”
(Dmitry, 2018-03-12)

McKelvey, Rhodes,Marquez.jpg

McKelvey, Rhodes & Marquez may all be guilty sex-offenders

In early 2018 he was found guilty of second-degree sexual abuse of a 17-year-old female. Days later, he was found guilty of two counts of second-degree sexual abuse, felonies, for having sexual contact with a 17-year-old male, on at least two occasions (Green, n.d. updated 2018-07-02 6:10pm), (Green, 2018-03-13).

It was reported in July of 2018 that;

For the second time in recent weeks, Portland protest leader Micah Isaiah Rhodes stood before an Oregon judge ready to go to prison for having sexual contact with an underage teen.

And for the second time, an Oregon judge agreed to veer from state sentencing recommendations and give Rhodes five years of probation…

…Judge Jerry Hodson on Monday said he wouldn’t send Rhodes to prison for two to two and a half years because he believes Rhodes earnestly is trying to change despite the prosecution’s arguments to the contrary.
(Green, n.d. updated 2018-07-02 6:10pm)


But it gets worse! According to the Western Journal, (Clifton, 2018-07-26) Multnomah County’s Deputy District Attorney Bumjoon Park says that Micah has a, “history of sexually victimizing children” and that “even after attending sex offender treatment programs three times.” he has yet to be rehabilitated. 

According to the article;

As a teenager, Rhodes was convicted in the youth court system of sexual abuse and first-degree sodomy. At 14, Rhodes sexually abused a 9-year-old boy and at 15, he sexually abused three boys, according to Park.

Park also acknowledged Rhodes’ “concerning track record of ignoring rules” and how he was “repeatedly sexually acting out” when specifically told not to, in addition to having unauthorized contact with minors in violation of his original probation.

“Frankly, he doesn’t respect the authority of the courts. He simply must not believe that having sex with minors is wrong,” Park said.

Rhodes’ recent court-ordered probation comes with a lengthy list of conditions, the most important of which is the requirement that he stay away from all children — unless given express permission to be around them by his probation officer.
Now, less than a month after his second sentencing, Rhodes has been arrested for — you guessed it — being around minors without permission.
(Clifton, 2018-07-26)

The article then says that Micah has been around underage people at an ICE protest on June 22nd and links to this video which does indeed seem to show Micah Rhodes inexplicably standing there just rubbing his legs for some reason, right above some rather young looking girls (West, 2018-07-22).

These are the faces of Antifa. Has any Antifa ever denounced these them? I’ll go into the following in further detail in a future video, but McKelvey has personally told me that neither he nor Portland Resistace are Antifa and that they do not engage in riots or violence. But look what my wife Tabatha found. Here’s Gregory Robert McKelvey (and his girlfriend Kat Stevens) with Antifa. That’s the infamous Louise Marquez who is well known a fixture in Portland Antifa and who also has been accused of sexual assault of a minor. To be fair, however, I have not found anything but hearsay to support this claim about Marquez.

marquez (1).jpgMcKelvey & Marquez 2b.jpg
Oh look, Marquez yet again working together with McKelvey and Stevens as part of Antifa again.

(2017-08-16 McKelvey) Iron Arrows - Copy - Copy - Copy

This Portland Resistance poster has the Iron Arrows symbol, a symbol for Antifa. This is from McKelvey’s own Facebook.

17-03-06 McKelvey, Marquez, Antifa 11.png

Here’s McKelvey thanking Antifa and there’s Louis Marquez again.

So again, it seems that the sex-criminal McKelvey and his sex-criminal friend Micah Rhodes and Portland Antifa destroy public and private property, then collect money for repairs, then keep the money/ I mention this because it seems they more recently took over $13,000 under the pretense that it was for the survivors of Patrick Kimmons. On October 5th both Portland Resistance (i.e. Antifa) and McKelvey asked for money under the pretext that it was for the family of Patrick Kimmons (McKelvey, 2018-10-05 11:27am), (PDX Resistance, 2018-10-05 11:29am), (Gofundme, n.d.).

(n.d.  gofundme).png

If they are indeed raising and keeping money that people donated to the survivors of Patrick Kimmons, then this is a shockingly despicable crime.

(2011-10-01 Corvallis Gazette-Times).png

Is this social justice?

Is this praiseworthy? How often have you seen the left wing side of the media celebrate Antifa as if they are anti-fascist? How many times, in our videos, have we demonstrated that the left-wing side of the media and Democrat politicians lie to protect Antifa? These alleged and convicted sex-offenders! These alleged charity embezzlers! Rioters! These are the people that the Portland Police allow to block cars, to smash car windows and threaten drivers. These are the violent mobs that the mayor Ted Wheeler lets rule the streets and terrorize law-abiding citizens of his city.

As we saw, the Portland Police stand back and watch from a distance, doing nothing. As we’ve shown in past videos, the Portland Police will confiscate weapons and defense items from people like Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys when they rally and march in Portland to assert their constitutional rights and then allow Antifa to attack them with weapons as they stand back and watch, doing nothing until it becomes clear that those patriots they disarmed are winning the brawl against the armed Antifa mob that attacked them (Trouble, 2018-07-01).

By the way, on October 5th, two minutes after he asked people to give money, McKelvey, who apparently had sex with an underage girl and whose friend has been convicted of multiple counts of sex with minors tweeted, “Imagine how different the world would be if white dudes cared as much about sexual assault as they do about net neutrality.” (McKelvey, 2018-10-05 11:29am).

(2018-10-05 b, McKelvey)

It’s stuff like this that inspired me to make this graphic representation of psychological projection in which people project that which they deny about themselves onto others.

projection racism.jpgprojection sexual-offender.jpg

Do you remember when the New York Republican Party regional office in New York City was vandalized on October 11th? On October 12th at 12:13pm, McKelvey praised the note that was reportedly left by the vandals (McKelvey, 2018-10-12 12:13pm) and linked to this article about it by the Daily Caller (Picket, 2018-10-12).

(2018-10-12, Daily Caller) b.png

Here is the note that was reportedly left which McKelvey says is “fire” (which means he likes it a lot). Notice it says, “Our attack is merely a beginning. We are not passive, we are not civil, and we will not apologize.”


Police Allow the Mob to Rule

At 2:46pm, the Portland Police Bureau tweeted;

Traffic #ALERT: SW 4th Ave is currently closed between SW Harvey Milk St and SW Oak St while demonstrators gather on the road. Motorists should avoid SW 4th Ave at this time and use extreme caution if driving in this area of Portland.
(Portland Police Bureau, 2018-10-06 2:46pm).

(2018-10-06, PPB a) - Copy

There are a lot of great responses to this tweet with a lot of righteous indignation, as you might imagine. We don’t have time to go over them, but you can read them yourself by using the pause button or going to this tweet yourself using the links I provide in the references section. But we will focus on the top response because it pertains to something that is very, well, pertinent;

I like how the @PortlandPolice tell other people who have legitimate business to do to avoid the area, rather than tell the protesters to not violate multiple state statutes and city codes.
(Laughing at Liberals, 2018-10-06 3:18pm)

It may not be the most outrageous response, in fact, that’s just the voice of common sense and common decency. But note that this is from the Twitter account for Laughing at Liberals which belongs to journalist Mike Strickland the guy with the gun in this now infamous incident. (Bluehair, 2016-07-08 RE: 2016-07-07).

(2016-07-07, Bluehair b).png

This occurred on July 7th, 2016 during a Black Lives Matter protest in Portland. This was filmed by Mike Bluehair of Film the Police Portland. If you watch all of Mike Bluehair’s video and Mike Strickland’s video provided in the references, you will see that he was surrounded, intimidated, pushed and grabbed both before and after he pulled his gun (Bluehair, 2016-07-08 RE: 2016-07-07), (Laughing at Liberals, 2018-11-11 RE: 2016-07-07).

Strickland went to court for this and did not fair too well. It is these black bloc Antifas that we can now see in the top left who initially came at Stickland which we can now see from Strickland’s own camera in the bottom left. Now we see Strickland in the bottom right backing away. It is shortly after this that he drew his gun (Laughing at Liberals, 2018-11-11 RE: 2016-07-07). Again, links are provided so you can see these videos in their entirety.

The point here is the chronic pattern in Portland, not unlike Berkeley, California as we’ve seen in past videos, in which the police stand back and allow crimes to be committed against law abiding citizens and in which the police and mayor are apparently unashamed to admit, nay, proudly announce their official policy of reluctance to step in, attempting to justify it by saying that if they were to stop the crimes in question, it would increase the crimes (Trouble, 2018-04-18 RE: 2017-04-15).

How is this possible? Why does this chronic pattern in these cities carry on? Why aren’t these mayors and police chiefs removed and punished?

(2018-10-06, PPB b).png

Portland Police Bureau continued to tweet the locations of the mob that they allowed to terrorize the citizens who pay them to fulfill their oath to protect and serve them and the US Constitution.

Brandon Farley tweeted this video which he says is from about 5pm on October 6th, which shows some of what Ngo described above (Farley, 2018-10-12 RE: 2018-10-06).

On October 8th, at 7:48am, journalist Andy C. Ngo tweeted;

This is the type of street anarchy that routinely happens where I live. Here is video from 6 Oct showing Antifa directing traffic in downtown & threatening people who don’t obey with violence. Mayor @tedwheeler, who really runs this town?
(Ngo, 2018-10-08 7:48am).

The tweet included a link to an other video by Farley which seems to have been taking down. Shortly after, Ngo tweeted a reminder;

Saturday’s street take over was just one in a string of events where the city’s leaders abdicated responsibility to uphold the rule of law. Here’s an example I investigated from the summer that lasted for weeks:

with a link to this article from August 3rd, 2018 that he wrote for the Wall Street Journal, “Anarchy Breaks Out in Portland, With the Mayor’s Blessing – A vicious mob targeted the ICE office and even a food cart. The police followed orders to do nothing.” (Ngo, 2018-10-08 8:16am), (Ngo, 2018-08-03).

There are too many cases of the Mayor and Police in Portland abandoning law-abiding citizens to the mobs. Remember this report from KGW in November 2016? (I Bleed Red White and Blue, 2016-11-15), (KPRC 2 ClickHouston, 2018-04-06)

Later in October, Brandon Farley would post more of his videos of October 6th in which we can see more lawlessness and more police standing back and watching (Farley, 2018-10-23 1:24am RE: 2018-10-06), (Farley, 2018-10-23 1:36am RE: 2018-10-06), (Farley, 2018-10-23 1:47am RE: 2018-10-06), (Farley, 2018-10-23 2:28am RE: 2018-10-06), (Farley, 2018-10-23 2:41am RE: 2018-10-06), (Farley, 2018-10-23 3:45am RE: 2018-10-06), (Farley, 2018-10-23 4:00am RE: 2018-10-06).

Also on October 8th (updated October 9th), Willamette Week put out “Police Ask Pedestrians To Come Forward After Driver Slowly Pushes Through a Small Crowd of Protesters -Without statements from the people in the path of the silver Lexus, police say they may not have a case.” This is in reference to this incident. (notice that they refer to the people who reportedly attacked his car as ‘pedestrians’) (Shepherd, 2018-10-08, updated 2018-10-09).


Media Attention Applies Pressure

On October 9th, Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer posted this on Facebook, “If the mayor doesn’t clear the streets then maybe the citizens should.” (Gibson, 2018-10-09 9:31am).

You may remember Joey Gibson from this incident in 2017 (Very Fake News, 2018-08-28 RE: 2018-08-27). There he is with Tiny being attacked and chased by Antifa down the block to where the police were standing back and watching. Yep they do that in Berkeley too – just stand back and let people be attacked. Moments after this, just a little down the same street, this attack on Keith of Patriot Warrior media happened, again, while the police did nothing ([unknown], RE: 2017-08-27). Not only that, but as Keith told us in my interview with him, after he regained consciousness and someone stopped a police car to tell them that Keith needed to be helped because he was just beaten unconscious, the police drove past Keith, slowly, not stopping, but staring him down (Trouble, 2017-09-03). This is in America, folks. Not a dictatorship. America. Yeah.

Later (at 7:49pm Eastern Standard Time), Fox aired this (Gutfeld, 2018-10-09 7:49pm).

Not long after, Andy Ngo appeared on Fox with Tucker Carleson (Carleson, 2018-10-09).
Ngo on camera for his appearance on Fox

On October 10th, Tiny of Patriot Prayer livestreamed on Facebook from the memorial for Kimmons. Speaking to a few people at the memorial, he says that he is not anti-cop, but that he is anti-bad-cop. Not seeing anyone blocking traffic, he walks away, but announces on the livestream that if they block traffic again, he and the Proud Boys would do the job that the police are supposed to do (Toese, 2018-10-10).

Two days later, Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer, Tiny’s friend said;

When Tiny went down the other day to the to talk to people about why they’re there, which was good, they’re just there at a memorial – God bless their souls – because they weren’t blocking traffic, they weren’t doing anything that’s wrong except exercising their 1st Amendment rights which is a good thing…
(Gibson, 2018-10-12 2:24pm)

We will return to that video later because that’s 2 days ahead.

It was reported on October 11th that city officials in Portland were flooded with calls about the concerns aired on Fox which we saw earlier (Shepherd, 2018-10-11 updated 2018-10-11) and also on that day the Portland Police Bureau released this statement on the weekend’s march. Near the end they state;

When determining whether or not take law enforcement action at protest events, the most critical factor the Bureau takes into consideration is whether or not a police response would escalate or deescalate tension. Escalation can lead to community members and officers getting injured or worse.
(Portland Police Bureau, 2018-10-11 12:10pm)

As someone commented on this on Twitter;

So glad that is cleared up. Now we know that if you feel someone is going to get upset because your doing your job and enforcing the law you will just let it go. Wow. What the hell is wrong with the city when they won’t protect citizens because a mob will get madder.
(Tyler, 2018-10-11 1:17pm)

Laughing at Liberals (which is Michael Strickland, you may remember) posted his video that we saw earlier and added;

Ya know what happens when @PortlandPolice allow mobs of violent thugs to take over the streets? Citizens are left to fend for themselves. Maybe the next person whom the mob attacks won’t have the same level of discipline that I demonstrated.
(Laughing at Liberals, 2018-10-11 3:49pm)

I recommend reading the rest of the responses to this announcement from the Portland Police Bureau (again, I provide a link to this in the references section to the written version of this video, see the link for that in the video description). But we don’t have time for even half of them. Let’s just quote a few;

“Your job is to enforce the law, period. ”

“You are a disgrace to the badge. There is nothing peaceful about blocking traffic and threatening innocent people. When it ends bad you will be the one to blame.”

“You’re a disgrace to the badge, this city, & the entire country. How do u live w/yourself, knowing you’ve broken the sacred oath:”To Protect & Serve”?”

“You should be ashamed of yourselves”

“The whole country knows about what a disgrace your department is.”

“This is fantastic. So we get to do anything we want in Portland as long as we threaten to “escalate” if confronted by police? Thanks for letting us know.”

“Police, I urge you to remember your oath of office: support and defend the Constitution. Clearly @tedwheeler does not. He is ideologically possessed, which is a mental disorder. His directions to you to fail to serve and protect the people of Portland must be ignored.”

“What a bunch of absolute pussies Portland police are.”

“So you admit that you chose to not do your job allowing people to be harmed.”

“After reading the comments looks like you are the only ones that believe your BS.”

“I have never heard of a police department scared to do their duty. I guess cops need to call citizens to their rescue. Shameful.”

“Look at the first line on your Twitter profile. ‘Sworn to Protect’. Now look up those words and do what they say.”

“Your department is a joke to Law Enforcement.”

“You are the laughing stock of the world, nobody buys your story. You should be very ashamed. Terrorising the elderly and you do nothing. Pathetic. What are you getting paid to do then? Watch!?”

Also on this day, Willamette Week put out this article, “City Receives A Flood Of Calls After Fox News Segment Criticizes “Antifa Mob” In Portland” by Katie Shepherd (Shepherd, 2018-10-11).

On October 12th, Willamette Week put out this; “Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Denies Allegations That He Hindered Portland Police: “They Will Find Nothing” “I guess they want me to have the investigation the Supreme Court nominee didn’t have.”” by Katie Shepherd (Shepherd, 2018-10-12).


The Pit of Vipers – the Mayor Speaks with Forked Tongue

Let us descend into the pit of vipers. And hear now the words of one who speaks with a forked tongue.

At 1:06pm, the mayor Ted Wheeler held this monthly press conference in which he was asked why, after two weeks, the police have still not released any statements about the killing of Patrick Kimmons. Wheeler basically says that more time is needed and he takes quite a lot of time saying it, so we will move past that, but of course you can see the entire press conference by clicking on the link in the references.

Originally I was going to play you most of what Wheeler said at this press conference because almost everything he said makes him look bad. But it’s long and very dull. Again you can see the whole thing by clicking on the link to the written version of this video with citations and references with links to the full length originals of all videos used in this video.

But know that

1. Wheeler makes it very clear that he, as head of the Police Bureau and as Mayor and the police themselves did, in fact, allow these mobs to take over the streets and

2. were, in fact, aware of the incident we saw earlier, and took no action as the situation was “rapidly getting out of control”.

3. He suggested that such things are rare in his city, which is a lie.

4. He stands by the police’s excuse for not protecting and serving citizens and the US Constitution which they swore an oath to uphold (while being paid by those very citizens whom they typically abandon to these mobs).

5. He suggests that there is a fine line between things like shooting a suspect to death and doing absolutely nothing that they are doing a tight rope walk upon.

6. He characterizes citizens concerned with the lawlessness and violence in the streets as people in basements drinking beer and watching Youtube videos. It’s good to know what Wheeler thinks of the people he is charged with serving as mayor. Is this not a clear example of indefensible political bias against his own constituents? Is this not a clear indication of corruption and a sign that Wheeler is not fit to be Mayor of a city in the United States of America.

7. He claims to not be politically biased.

8. He makes it abundantly clear that he has political bias.

He says much else that is worthy of criticism as well.

(Wheeler, 2018-10-12 1:06pm)

Deep is the deception and dark is the ignorance in this pit of vipers!

At 2:33pm, Mayor Wheeler tweeted;

I was appalled by what I saw in that clip and I support the decisions of the @PortlandPolice. I trust them. I believe them as the law enforcement professionals who have to weigh complex legal and safety issues, not only for the people on the streets but also for themselves. -TW
(Wheeler, 2018-10-12 2:33pm)

The responses to this tweet are great and worth reading so see the links. I’ll share just one with you;

…”Weigh complex legal and safety issues….for themselves” is the kind of thinking that gets more kids killed in school shootings as the cops stay outside until they feel ‘safe enough’ to enter the building…
(Ron from NM, 2018-10-14 6:37am)

Again, deep is the deception and dark is the ignorance in that pit of vipers. Fear not! And let us grasp now for the light!

Patriot Prayer Will March for Law & Order

At 11:16pm, Joey Gibson livestreamed again and announced his intentions to march peacefully and lawfully and to pay respects to Kimmons and his survivors at the memorial because regardless of the details of the shooting, a human died and his family is grieving. He also asked that attendees of the flash march be on their best behavior (Gibson, 2018-10-12, 11:16pm).

This article was posted a few hours before Gibson’s livestream. Of course you can find a link to that in the references (KGW Staff, 2018-10-12 6:51pm updated 2018-10-15 12:18pm). Know that it was updated heavily three days later with their account of what happened on the 13th which we will get to in the second part of this trilogy, Red October II – Purgatorio.

In the third part of the trilogy, Red October III – Paradisio, we will detail how the Mayor, Assistant Chief Ryan Lee and Chief Outlaw, after being shamed by the negative attention they were getting in the media and embarrassed by what we will see in part two, held a press conference in which they will weave some serious deception, smearing Patriot Prayer, including Joey Gibson, Tiny and the rest of them. But, as we will see, the truth later came to light.

Lo! For we shall lay bare the lies and treachery of the Mayor of Portland Oregon, and his fellow vipers in that den, the city government where an Outlaw is the chief of police. What was in darkness shall be brought to light. What was concealed shall be revealed. The last shall be first and the first last as the maligned Patriot Prayer shall be vindicated and the one who virtue signals on high, the mayor, shall be lowered, ensnared in the trap of his own device and he shall choke on his lies, the bitter fruit of from the seeds of treachery that he himself sows. Lo! The truth shall be told. The last laugh yet remains.

Thanks for watching, until next time,
Give me liberty or give me death!


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