Proud Boys are Suing the SPLC

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Here is the SPLC’s “report” on the Proud Boys. Here it is archived in case they alter it or remove it.

Here is our collection of news reports (including our own) and videos (including our own) about the Proud Boys.

Proud Boys News!

This just in! When we last saw Enrique Tarrio he was in Venezuela. Now he’s in Washington DC. This is history in the making here.

The Proud Boys are suing the SPLC.

If you have been keeping up with our videos and written reports on the Proud Boys (collected and linked to below), you know that they have been lied about by the likes of the Daily Beast (who have also tried to dox us by the way – see the article here) and the SPLC.

I have criticized the SPLC in many past videos for lying about Maaid Nawaz and others and because there have been reports about one of their main heads being blatantly racist.

News2Share’s video begins with Jacob Engels who says that he is an investigative journalist  and has for the last 2 years been embedded in the Proud Boys trying to find the racism, homophobia and Islamophobia that they are accused of. I encourage you to listen to what he says by seeing the original.

Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio then spoke, noting that they chose to hold the press conference because that is where the infamous and widely misreported incident took place between the Covington kids and Nathan Philips.  Keep in mind that Nicholas Sandman, the Covington student in the infamous video is suing the Washington Post for 250 million and CNN and so on. Because the Proud Boys have also been widely lied about in the left leaning media, it’s a fitting place to make this announcement.

Note also that some months ago, the Quilliam Foundation on behalf of their founding member Maajid Nawas filed a lawsuit against the SPLC for lying about him and they had to issue an apology which I have already played a few times in my videos.

Below are tweets from the scene by Ford Fischer of News2Share and Will Sommer of the Daily Beast.

Here’s the press conference and interview.









Antifa Assaults & Robs Journalist Andy Ngo

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This is a work in progress. This is part of a series.

Mayday in Portland! – 0 Sources (other than tweets)

Mayday in Portland! 1 – Gathering & March

Mayday in Portland! 2 – March & ICE Protest

Mayday in Portland! 3 – Cider Riot

Mayday in Portland! 4 – Aftermath

May 7th, 2019


May 8th, 2019




Blaze. “Journalist says man from violent Antifa rallies dumped liquid on him at gym, stole his phone“. May 10th, 2019


Blue Lives matter. “Antifa Attacks Journalist During Workout At Portland Gym“. May 9th, 2019


Journalist Andy Ngo Assaulted And Robbed By Antifa At The Gym” by Timcast




Mayday in Portland! (Sources [Other Than Tweets])

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Mayday in Portland! 1 – Gathering & March

Mayday in Portland! 2 – March & ICE Protest

Mayday in Portland! 3 – Cider Riot

Mayday in Portland! 4 – Aftermath

Antifa Assaults & Robs Journalist Andy Ngo

Sources (other than tweets)



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Mayday! Antifa’s Red Guard Attacks – May 1st, 2019” by Justin Trouble

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Portland May Day Cider Riot – Part 1 – Cameras Arrive” by Stumptown Matters

Portland May Day Cider Riot – Part 2 – Patriot Prayer Arrives and Chaos Ensues” by Stumptown Matters

Portland May Day Cider Riot – Part 3 – Patriot Pray leaves After a Riot Ensues” by Stumptown Matters

May Day fight breaks out in NE Portland” by KGW News

Antifa lawyer caught lying on camera about Patriot Prayer” by Joey Gibson

Antifa bar customer takes a bat to journalist’s camera unprovoked” by Joey Gibson

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Antifa Attack Joey Gibson At Cider Riot Portland Oregon May Day 2019” by Portland Andy

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Portland May Day 2019 – Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys at Cider Riot” by F S

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Portland Antifa May Day 2019 Protest & Riot” by Andy Ngo

Andy Ngo Attacked with Chemical Spray by Antifa at Riot in Portland (Fox 12 Oregon)” by Andy Ngo





Mayday! Antifa’s Red Guard Attacks – May 1st, 2019

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SEE Texas Nomad Patriot Media


This is the webpage version of this video.


Some hardcore communist revolutionary LARPer Antifas attacked some patriots.

This one is going to be both scary and hilarious. Antifa put a put a patriot in the hospital and they celebrate genocidal dictatorships (and I do not mean to belittle either of those) but wait until I show you what bumbling goof-balls these stupid LARPing hipsters are!

Thanks to Texas Nomads SAR members Laura Lee, Chris Ritchie and Collins Whites for a lot of the information used in this video.

Some Texas Nomads with Marvina Case, Vice President of Texans United for America.



You may know about the incident that led the arrest of a few Antifa at the Texas State University in San Marcos on May 1st, 2019 (if not, see the link below for our video on that).

Screenshot (4344)

But if you don’t watch that, know this – a group called the Texas Nomads SAR planned to come to the campus and some regressive leftists, Antifa and so on planned to protest them and and probably some of them planned to attack them. SAR Stands for Security And Resistance, not, as this article claims, Sons of the American Revolution.

Before the day, they spread lies about Texas Nomads SAR, calling them fascists or white supremacists or whatever. These lies seemed to have taken part in divisions over the group between various campus Republican and conservative groups (and one group, it seems, are just pretending to be Republicans). For more on that see our webpage on that. Links in the description.

The Texas Nomads say that all this hype seemed to be causing trouble for groups like Turning Point USA that they did not want to inflame any further, so they decided to not go to the campus on May 1st.

By the way, while it does have disinformation, the aforementioned article on the Nomads has one video about Mayday at the campus in San Marcos that we did not have time to put in our video about it.

But two of them decided to check out a what was apparently the 5th Annual International Worker’s Day March in Austin, Texas by Red Guard Austin which is an Antifa group that is very much into communism, more specifically, the whole Bolshevik, Leninist, Stalinist, Maoist style of communism – you know, the dictatorships that murdered many millions of innocent people, that rounded up LBGTs for concentration camps, that murdered people for being weird, for not conforming, or just to satisfy blood-lust.

Here are some social media accounts for these people.

Social Media

Popular Womens Movement@pwm_mfp


Red Guards Kansas City@RedGuardsKC

Incendiary News@incendiarynews

Defend Our Hoodz – Austin @defendourhoodz

Red Guards Kansas City

Red Guards Worldwide


Popular Women’s Movement

Redguards Austin WordPress

Redguards LA WordPress

Incendiary News

Defend Our Hoodz

Red Guards Kansas City

Red Guards Charlotte

If you don’t know, the name Red Guards is a reference to the communist revolutionary groups of the same name under the Bolsheviks in the USSR and under Mao in China.

“Suspected enemies could expect cruel torture, flogging, maiming, or execution. Some were shot, others drowned, some frozen or buried alive, and still others were hacked to death by swords. Just who all these “enemies” were depended on the whim of someone in the Cheka, the Red Guard or the Red Army.” – Robert Gellately, Lenin, Stalin and Hitler.

There’s links to some of their pages in the webpage version of this video. Here’s their WordPress. On one of their webpages, they write;

“Chants could be heard for blocks ringing out: “Dare to struggle! Dare to win!” This was also the central slogan of this year’s international joint statement of Maoist Parties and organizations, calling for a Unified International Maoist Conference.

The slogans on the banners and placards celebrated 100 years of Communism in the US and called for the reconstitution of the Communist Party. Large images of the six great teachers of Marxism—Karl Marx, Frederic Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Chairman Gonzalo—made a strong second line in the march behind a leading banner which was adorned with the image of Chairman Mao and displayed the slogans “Long live 100 years of Communism in the US”, “Long live Red May 1st”, and “Combat and resist!””


They marched in the area of Austin where Tabby and I used to clean up garbage with our roommates and whoever else wanted to volunteer on a given day.

They blamed the police and the victims of their violence for their violence. They write that…

“the comrade who faces the most serious charge of assault with a deadly weapon, accused of defending herself against fascist attack.”

I don’t think that they mean that she was actually accused of defending herself. I think this is their not-entirely-literate way of saying that the accused was defending herself. At any rate, they write that…

“a fight broke out”


“the police’s plans to once again rout the march forced a crowd of marchers into close contact with the fascist duo”

How many times now have I covered cases in which these people blame the those who they attack with the flawed logic of “they made us attack them”? How is this different than “She was asking for it – she was dressed provocatively.”?

These collectivists (AKA anti-individualists) complain of being arrested indiscriminately. Further on, they write…

“This International Workers’ Day was christened in the blood of the fascist enemy and this alone is a cause worthy of celebration for Communists, workers, and antifascists.”

Here’s what Collin had to say about the attack…

Three of the commies were arrested.


Here’s a photo of Amy Stanford being arrested. Laura Lee says she has a $25,000 bail.

Amy Stanford. Arrested for assault witn a deadly weapon. $25k bail..jpg
Amy Stanford. Arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

Look at some of these photos they posted to Facebook. Oh how nice. Bloody pig heads.

They are so far left that they say Beto O’Rourke is a capitalist pig!

Heck! They say that the Democratic Socialists of America are capitalists pigs and they write…

“Just say no to social fascism and the electoral cretinism of the DSA.  Elections no! Revolution yes!”

Screenshot (4399).png

Here is an article about the research indicating the growing split and increasing extremism in the left by the Economist.


In the following picture I added the dark lines to better show the unification of the right and the division of the left.

20180922_USC938_0 - Copy (2).png

They seem to be the same Antifas that the Texas Nomads SAR filmed in a video on their channel that we mirrored on our own channel with their kind permission.

I am going to play you a little of what happened there on May 1st. To see more, see their channel. I put links in the description. If you want to see the bloody injuries they caused you’re going to have to see the version of this video exclusively on our Bitchute channel. I don’t mean to be a dick, but this sort of thing seems to be the only thing that succeeds in convincing you to go over to Bitchute. While you’re there, subscribe to us because Youtube is phasing out channels like ours. Besides, only on Bitchute will you see more of this Mayday riot in Portland.

Screenshot (4383).png

Screenshot (4391).png

59453176_446157962611956_6558746228740325376_nEnough of that. Let’s get into the Red Guard march in Austin on May Day or, as they call it, International Workers Day. Texas Nomads SAR members Collin Whites and Chris Ritchie showed up to film them. Collin Whites sent me these first three photos of the fliers for the event. The fourth photo is for a different day but it’s from the same people, Collin tells me. He also tells me that the Red Guard also goes by Defend the Barrio and the Popular Women’s Front.




59502532_2321383164580386_8879250151768588288_n 59347624_659716007784328_230135123792625664_n 59670329_2264225453826294_231905054045503488_n

They seem to be associated with or the same people as Defend Our Hoodz – Defiende El Barrio – Austin which seems to be about opposing developers and people they falsely accuse of being fascists. Here is a post in which they falsely accuse the Texas Nomad SAR guys.

Here’s some more of their posts.

So they are against gentrification. That’s fine. But some of them are Hispanic. But some of them are white Antifa types, hipsters, white-knighting for Hispanic people. But they are against hipsters. it seems the white hipsters and the Hispanics involved in this group or these groups are against white hipsters! You can’t make this stuff up! This is as funny as white leisure class kids pretending like they are the working class people who they hate so much – the working class Americans they call Trumpsters and Nazis! These hypocrites have so much doublethink in their cognitively dissonant brains!


But wait! It gets even more insane! Remember that news story about Antifa in Austin protesting a cat adoption cafe place? Well look at these posts!

Screenshot (4396)But wait, there’s more LULz! As you may know, walking dogs is supposedly racist now or, some of these stark raving mad lunatics say, dogs are racist. Look at this post shared on their page! The flier says it is from CORN, the Coalition of Real N*gg*z!



This stuff is amazing. There’s so much hilarious madness from these people but we have to move on. But one more post. Look at these two posts;

I have covered up the bloody head of Collin in this photo and in these photos because I want you to see the Bitchute version of this video.

2016-11-22 Tabby Rabbit (7) - Copy
Tabby, my co-conspirator



We could go on and on with this socialist social media rabbit hole. But as the white rabbit said, I’m late! I’m late! for a very important date with my own Jessica Rabbit so we have to move on.







No wait! This just in! Extra! Extra! I have to tell you this. This is too good to pass on. Laura Lee just told me this so I can tell you. She says they have all the different communist groups in Texas fighting and that they pit them against each other all the time. Furthermore;

“On Christmas Day we dropped the dox on one of their main intel/doxxing people. But literally at the same time on the same day red guards were doing the same thing, dropping a dox on the same guy. But they had his info wrong. They didn’t have the right info. Later that day or maybe the next day they saw our info and rewrote their article (same people that you just posted the article from) so to other Antifa groups it made it look like the people who wrote the article were working with us.
That’s the biggest example. It caused a HUGE rift amongst all the different Antifa factions here. So now the guy we outed has been black balled and his intel team had been reduced to him and two crazy old ladies on twitter”


“Me, [REDACTED] and some others doxxed that asshole. He had been doing it for years behind fake names. No one knew who he was.

This is him and one of the old birds that still thinks they are relevant
He’s Texasintel. We doxxed her old broken down ass too”


You may be puzzled by that last remark. Well, as far as I know there are no “American fascists in Venezuela but at least one Proud Boy went there. Here’s the Enrique Tarrio, the Chairman of the Proud Boys in Venezuela.

Enrique, if you see this, we hope you are doing great.

OK, let’s not forget the point of this video. This attack.

Here’s some of the injury inflicted. Yeah, these people are psychotic.

Screenshot (4342)

As for Chris Ritchie, he told me;

I was hit but got my shots in. No i got no serious injury. Sore but nothing bad. Just the cut to Collins head

The Red Guard Austin writes…

Unbroken and unhampered by the arrests, the marchers pushed on, traveling through the working district back to a major intersection where a speech was given against US imperialism and in solidarity with the prisoners of war and political prisoners of the International Communist Movement, chief among these was Chairman Gonzalo of Communist Party of Peru, followed by Igor Mendez in Brazil, comrade Ajith in India,  Comrade Dr. Sernas Garcia, disappeared by the Mexican state, and Comrade Dallas in the US, who faces over a decade in prison.  Comandante Gato, recently murdered in Mexico was also given honors.

“What is our duty as Communists, as the sons and daughters of the proletariat?” the speaker cried out, “Our most sacred duty, that which we can never neglect, is to reconstitute our Party—the Communist Party of the United States of America, which will be the most eager knife in the hands of our class carving a new future for all of us with the initiation of People’s War!” At this, the crowed amassed at the intersection let out a loud cheer.

The police force, exhausted from bad diets and warm weather, eventually fell back and the Communists, militants, and workers once again took to the streets marching down Pleasant Valley—a main artery of the neighborhood.


They write that they extend…

the utmost honors to our arrested comrades, especially the comrade who faces the most serious charge of assault with a deadly weapon, accused of defending herself against fascist attack.”


 “Every blow struck against the fascist enemy is a service to the people.  In the words of Mao, “Everything reactionary is the same; if you do not hit it, it will not fall.””

They link to a propaganda piece about “Red May Day” in Los Angeles by the Red Guards of Los Angeles…

“…in opposition to the phony May Day marches and rallies in downtown Los Angeles led by the labor aristocrats of organized labor, Democratic Party imperialists, and capitalist non-profits.”

If you don’t know, there were May Day riots in various cities from Portland to Paris.

I’d like to again thank Laura, Collin and Chris for their help and I would like to thank them and thank all of the Texas Nomads SAR and all the good patriots who stand up to the red menace, to Antifa scum. All Americans owe them our gratitude if not our direct support.

What do you think of all this madness, folks?

Leave us a comment. Comment on this WordPress and SUBSCRIBE!

Until next time, love, life, light, leaping laughter and liberty!

Some source videos

Texas Nomad & Antfia Fight Mayday” by Texas Nomads Patriot Media
Nomads & Antfia Clash May Day Austin Part 1” by Texas Nomads Patriot Media
Nomads & Antfia Clash Austin May Day Part 2” by Texas Nomads Patriot Media
Nomads & Antfia Clash Commies Arrested May Day” by Texas Nomads Patriot Media
Collin’s injury. Antifa clash update” by Jon Colgin

Mayday! MAGA Hat Stolen – Antifas Arrested – Students Sit-In – May 1st, 2019

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My backup Youtube Channel Justin Fidel  

This is the webpage version of this video here.

Snapshot 5 (5-2-2019 12-50 PM).png

Screenshot (4344).png

Folks, here’s an other case for our growing collection of Attacks on/Intimidation of/Discrimination Against Trump Supporters (see the link below for that growing collection which you see on your screen here).

1455040_980864625330337_8701908101900080367_n.jpgYou may remember the lovely Laura Lee, proud Patriot from a former video of ours. She was nice enough to give me information and answer my questions about what happened in Texas on Mayday – May 1st. The Texas Nomads SAR (SAR stands for Security and Resistance) planned to do a thing at Texas State University Campus in San Marcos and it seems Antifa planned to protest and attack them. But TX Nomads SAR decided not to go through with it that day because the campus was already having enough issues lately with protests against Turning Point USA and Latinos for Trump and they said as much in a statement to the media.


(Here’s a little about the efforts of the Student Government Association at Texas State University to purge Turning Point USA). The TX Nomads did not go to the campus in San Marcos. They decided to stay in Austin and they were attacked there by Antifas Red Guard. The Red Guard were doing a show-of-force march in Austin, Some Texas Nomads were quietly filming it from a distance, not antagonizing them at all, and Antifa attacked them resulting in hospitalization. But that’s a story for an other video/article. And so even though they never went to the San Marcos campus, Antifa showed up anyway and that is the main subject of this video.

According to Texas State University Campus Police on May 1st, 2019 four Antifas (Texas State University Students) were arrested. Here they are according to Fox 7 Austin. This was also reported by the Statesman in their article and by Campus Reform. One of the arrested was allegedly the Antifa who stole the hat and then (as you can see in the video below) kicked the hat while it was on the ground.


Here is an other angle from video posted by the Texas Patriots Network…

Here is a 3rd angle…

Also see the video in this article from Fox 7 Austin.

According to Fox 7 Austin, the arrested are;

  • 22-year-old Tyvonte Davis-Williams, disorderly conduct-languageTyvonte Davis-Williams, 22 yrs old.jpg
  • 22-year-old Alejandra Navarrete, Failure to identify; Providing false informationAlejandra Navarrete, 22 yrs old
  • 20-year-old Nazarene Freeman, Interference with public duties; Failure to identifyNazarene Freeman, 20
  • 24-year-old Claudia Gasponi, Resisting arrest, search or transportation; Interference with public dutiesClaudia Gasponi, 24.jpg

It’s surprising that they aren’t all white. Antifas are almost always whites (who are racist against white, by the way).

Some may question if they are Antifa, after all, the fact that some of them covered their faces doesn’t mean that they are Antifa. Hold on. They do claim to be fighting fascism, white supremacy, Nazis, etc. and hence, they are Antifa. Also, look at their social media. Mena or Meenz or Yasmine, for example, is associated with Antifa on her Twitter. Not all Antifa are white, only most of them are. 

The screaming snowflake Yasmine, or Meenz on Twitter tweeted this;

And this;

Save this pic to your computer. Add words. Add your version to the comments section of this video on Bitchute (you can’t do it on Youtube).

meme with empty word bubble.jpg


Here’s more video of the arrests;

According to this tweet;

The screaming snowflake girl tweeted this;

Here she is in this video;

They will egg you on until you get arrested, she says. it’s not your fault if you steal a MAGA hat. They were asking for it. Just look at how she’s dressed with that short skirt and that low cropped top showing her cleavage. She’s asking –  I mean look at his MAGA hat. He’s asking for it. 

Listen to this guy’s eyewitness account;

In response to this, this guy tweeted;

The Young Democratic Socialists of America at Texas State tweeted this; 

Regarding Alejandra Navarrete, Fox 7 Austin reports that the Texas State University Police Chief stated that she was…

…detained with the intention of being given a ticket for theft. The student was later arrested after providing a false identity to the police.

They also report…

Another student ran to the officers during this incident and began to interfere. After refusing to comply with the officers’ directions, this student was arrested for interference with public duties. When the students were escorted into the police department, other students followed and one additional student was arrested in the police department lobby for interference. 

That would be Nazarene Freeman and Claudia Gasponi (not necessarily in that order) because reportedly they were both arrested for interference. They continue…

A fourth student was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct outside the police department.

That would be Tyvonte Davis-Williams.

The Campus Police reported on May 1st;

Earlier today some students gathered on the Quad in the center of campus in anticipation of a planned demonstration by an outside group. To our knowledge, no outside groups were on campus today but some students engaged in a heated discussion which unfortunately escalated into a physical altercation between two students. The incident resulted in four students being arrested on various charges.

If it is true that the MAGA hat guy did shove Alejandra and the police witnessed it or had reason to believe it then the fact that they did not arrest him is indeed unjust. But I have yet to see video of the MAGA hat guy shoving Alejandra. 

The Campus Police also reported that the arrested Antifas were taken to the Hays County jail to be arraigned before a judge. Apparently there were accusations of tasing because they police reported that there were no such tasings. They also report that there were no injuries.

They also say;

 There is an enhanced law enforcement presence on campus at this time and no further incidents have been reported.

The Statesman quotes university spokesman Jayme Blaschke as stating…

“Some students engaged in a heated discussion, which unfortunately escalated into a physical altercation between two students,”

Further down they report;

Nomads Vice President Christopher Ritchie said the group had planned to demonstrate at Texas State after students passed legislation to ban conservative nonprofit Turning Point USA from the campus last month. Ritchie and another member of the Nomads were going to walk a 2-mile route through the campus, carry Trump flags and stop to talk with people about free speech, he said.

Once students and staff at the university got word that the group would be on campus, Ritchie said they blew the demonstration out of proportion and called the Nomads a white nationalist group.

“We thought (the demonstration) was going to cause more ruckus than it was going to accomplish, so we decided to back out of it,” Ritchie said.

Laura Lee told me that the college dean disparaged Texas Nomads SAR and that even people in other conservative groups spoke poorly of them because they believed the lies of the regressive leftists. And she gave me a lot of info on that. That I originally put in this video. But I think most of you aren’t interested enough in that, but if you want to read these different Texas college conservative groups dividing from one an other, see the webpage version of this video in which I even typed out a lot of stuff because the some of the text in the screen shots Laura sent me are a bit fuzzy, but I do want to say this – the Texas State College Republicans are regressive. if they aren’t regressive leftists and SJWs pretending to be Republicans then they sure act like it. Anyway, read it for yourself if you want. moving on. 

It’s not easy to read (this is a screen shot Laura sent me) but here the Texas State College Republicans lie about the Texas Nomads SAR. They say that they disagree with the regressive leftists who came to protest the Nomads but…58933301_1596403013824102_4633658547127713792_n

“…disagreements about policies or issues should never stand in the way of decent people standing together in times where moral crisis calls upon them to do so.”  

This is disgusting and yet funny because we can safely assume that these regressive leftists they say they stand with consider them to be Nazis. Idiots! 

Laura Lee is married to a Hispanic man and their kids are mixed. But, of course, like many others who are nothing of the sort, she is called a Nazi, white nationalist, white supremacist, fascist, etc.  

The Texas State College Republicans also disparage the student whose MAGA hat was stolen. They state that he…

“…had his hat taken from him after he incited arguments and altercations…”

Furthermore they state that they are sure…

“…that the person in the hat went to the Quad for a simple reason: creating division and reaping attention from that division.”

After lies and disparaging remarks they continue…

“…The Young Conservatives of Texas at Texas State have tried to use this incident to claim victimhood by the campus left. This is untrue and without context and we are obligated to call a spade a spade…”

It seems like the Texas State College Republicans are actually regressive leftists pretending to be conservatives. 

The Young Conservatives of Texas called on Texas State College Republicans to retract their condemnations in this statement. Let’s read some of it…59580687_868696566824871_5563416956943466496_n.jpg

“…One might have assumed that other right-wing groups on campus would offer support for this victim of liberal intolerance, as happened just weeks ago, when the Texas Sate Turning Point USA chapter was unjustly targeted by Texas State student government. Te exact opposite happened. Instead of offering their support, the College Republicans at Texas State engaged in moral deception as they released a factually inaccurate and accusatory statement. Their statement condemned the student, who was assaulted and had his hat stolen. By making this kind of statement, Texas State College Republicans is attempting to use the assault of a member of their campus community for their own political gain…

… we have reached out numerous times yesterday to start a conversation with a number of TXFCR board members, They have not returned out messages…

They call on the State Board of the Texas Federation of College Republicans to condemn the remarks of the Texas State College Republicans and…

“…We would also like them to issue an apology to the individual they smeared. Their remarks are factually inaccurate and do nothing but virtue signal to the left.

Furthermore, if the Texas Federation of College Republicans continues to be silent on whether or not it is acceptable to be a Trump supporter on a college campus, it may behoove TXFCR chapters to reconsider what their statewide affiliation really means and how it aligns with their own principles.” 

59483755_292038065075828_470329610748297216_nSo many groups identifying as conservative conflicting with each other. The chairman of the Texas Federation of College Republicans announced…

“…Due to recent activities perpetrated and supported by Young Conservatives of Texas that do not align with the values of the Texas Federation of College Republicans, the cabinet and myself make the recommendation to each chapter chair to distance themselves from YCT and not engage in activity similar to what we saw at Texas State University. As each chapter is it’s own autonomous organization we cannot mandate a policy, we simply make this recommendation for the good of your chapter. Feel free to reach out with any concerns.”

Here is a video of Tyvonte being arrested.

Campus Reform reports that a conservative student going by Tyler M. told them that…

“…just before the incident took place, he and some friends had walked over to an area on campus where a leftist group was counter-protesting the anticipated protest of a conservative biker group. The biker group, named Texas Nomads SAR, states that it “believe[s] in protecting those attacked and targeted for expressing their God-given rights guaranteed by the constitution…in charities and giving back to those in need. We believe our veterans and warriors should come before refugees and illegal criminals. As Americans, we know radical Islam and sharia law have no place in this country.”

They quoted them accurately but Laura Lee tells me that they are not bikers.

The biker group had planned a protest at Texas State University over the student government’s failed attempt in April to ban the conservat…ive group Turning Point USA from campus, the Austin Statesman reported.

According to a Wednesday statement from the university, Texas Nomads SAR never showed.

As the conversation between Tyler M. and the leftist protesters continued, a crowd gathered around them, Tyler M. told Campus Reform.

“Again, none of our conservative people were ever instigating anything,” Tyler M. said. “I can guarantee that. No one was ever yelling or shouting over people. We were all very patient.”

At another point, he said that he “just wanted to talk” with the protesters. Tyler M. said that as bystanders tried to quell the tension, “that’s when I felt someone kind of come up behind me and kind of grab my hat, lift it up, and try to run away.”

Tyler M. said he chased after the girl and grabbed her backpack to slow her down. He told Campus Reform that he only touched her backpack.

“I only held her [backpack] for a good five seconds…it was never her physically,” Tyler M. said.

This Fox 7 Austin article reports that Sophomore Mena Yasmine said, “The boy wearing a Make America Great Again hat started to shove the woman and began to yank her backpack,”

Continuing with the Campus Reform article quoting Tyler M.;

“As soon as I got out of the crowd, I let go of her bag and I came up beside her and I said, ‘can you please give me back my hat?'”

[RELATED: Student gov picks a fight with conservative group. Conservative group wins.]

The Texas State student said police later approached the student who was holding his hat and asked her to give it back. Tyler M. said she “hesitated at first but then she did drop it and as soon as the hat fell on the floor [sic] she kicks it.”

That’s the moment when Tyler M. said he began recording — footage he shared exclusively with Campus Reform.

A little further down Campus Reform reports;

The Young Democratic Socialists of America chapter at Texas State tweeted shortly after the arrests, “don’t cuff students, cuff the haters.”

The incident comes as the Texas state legislature is debating a campus free speech bill, which Republican Rep. Briscoe Cain helped spearhead.

“The college campus is not supposed to be an intellectual safe space,” Cain told Campus Reform Wednesday. “In trampling on a hat the student found offensive, the student trampled on the Constitution. The Constitution mandates the tolerance of ideas, not the tolerance of the infringement of the personal liberties of others. I hope Texas State University does the right thing and disciplines students who censor the speech of others.”

Follow the author of this article on Facebook: @JonStreetDC and Twitter: @JonStreet

Let’s briefly go back to that tweet that says “don’t cuff students, cuff haters”. Response after response after response says that they did cuff the haters. You can read these by clicking opening the tweet below.

Notice, by the way, that they made a point race bait in the meme.  Look what else they tweeted…

Keep in mind that when they say they want the death of fascists, what they actually mean is the death of politically moderate patriots. Where is the condemnation of this branch of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s poltical party? 

To give you further insight into their character, these people who presume to judge others from what they want you to think is a moral high-ground, look at this;

Yeah, you go ahead and try such tactics on police, you fragile, weak, pathetic, irrational little wilting flower snowflakes who couldn’t fight their way out of a cardboard box. Please. Just be sure someone films it so we can laugh at you.

Fox 7 Austin put out a statement from the Laurie Clouse, the police chief at TX State university. Here are some selected parts of that statement;

…As a public university, we are required to allow outside groups to be outdoors on our campuses, even if they represent ideas that we find offensive and that are directly counter to our shared values…

You can read the entire statement by seeing the webpage version of this video and clicking on the link to this article. 

Tensions remained high on campus on Wednesday, students wearing MAGA hats were surrounded by a crowd of students with different political views arguing with them. The difference in political views kept the students at a standstill for about an hour.

The University put out “President Trauth’s Statement Regarding Incident on May 1, 2019” which was painful to endure because it’s soulless, insincere, politically correct pre-programmed script-running but you can see that on the webpage version of this video if you’re masochistic. 

The following day, the YDSA tweeted this;

Here are some tweets from May 2nd of their sit in;

This went on into the night (and the next day, it seems, and maybe onward). 

By the way, Meenz is very serious when about her concerns for the safety of students of color and so on. She’s so concerned that she has time to tweet about her nails;

The YDSA who pose as if they have a moral high-ground also tweeted this on May 3rd; 

UPDATE: It seems the sit-in has officially ended;


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Antifa’s Armed Rebellion Attempt at the Mexican Border – Antifa’s Evan Duke & Cobra Commander Ivan Riebeling Implicated

This is the webpage version of this video here.


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The sources below may or may not be honest/accurate. I certainly do not take their word for it. But some of my fact checking seems to verify some of what these sources report.

Evan Duke
50663806_10216390942623765_4674590014955323392_n - Copy
Evan Duke

According to some sources we provide in the webpage version of this video (see below), the FBI uncovered a plot by Antifa to buy guns from a Mexican Cartel in Tijuana and to “stage an armed rebellion at the border”.









At 5am on April 29th, 2019, the San Diego Union Tribune reported that an FBI document from December 18th, 2018 “specifies an alleged plan for activists to purchase guns from a “Mexico-based cartel associate known as Cobra Commander,” or Ivan Riebeling.”



Ivan Riebeling AKA Cobra Commander & Cobra Commander

Ivan Riebeling has a Youtube channel with over a quarter million subscribers, by the way. More on him later.

The Daily Caller reports that the Chicago Tribune obtained this FBI document. This was repeated by Liberty Unyielding and the Clarion Project. I searched for an article on this by the Chicago Tribune and found nothing. So it may be that the Daily Caller meant the San Diego Tribune.

Screenshot (4315) Also implicated in the document is Evan Duke who is Antifa according to multiple reports and according to social media accounts, GoFundMe pages (see here and here) and other stuff that I found that seem to be his.

The Tribune doesn’t directly say that either Reibeling or Duke are Antifa but as we will see, I found out that at least it seems that Duke is Antifa. But the Tribune refers to Duke as an activist and refers to the group of people the FBI is looking into as “anti-fascist activists”.

But look what I found. Here is a Facebook account for an Evan Duke and here is one for an Evan Duke III, apparently the same person and if you look at these profiles, you see the tell-tale signs that he is Antifa. Also, see this Twitter account for Evan Duke III.

Screenshot (4316).png

(See Evan Duke’s photoslikes, friends, and timeline and see Evan Duke III’s photoslikes, friends, and timeline. Also see this GoFundMe by Evan Duke III which displays typical Antifa propaganda.). Of course, I don’t know if this is the same Evan Duke implicated in this news story but it sure seems like it.

See Evan Duke featured in this video production posted to the Facebook account of Evan Duke III.

Liberty Headlines reprinted the Tribune article but inserted that Duke is an “Antifa activist”. The Tribune makes no mention of revising their article so apparently Liberty Headlines just added these words as if it were part of the Tribune article. At any rate, Liberty Headlines cites this to support their claim that Duke is Antifa;

Radical American Activists Flock To Migrant Caravan In Tijuana” by KPBS, January 16, 2019

This article discusses Antifa/BAMN’s efforts to incite migrants in Tijuana to storm the border that we reported a month earlier in these videos (see our videos listed below). Further down they report;

Some left-wing American activists under a collective they call the “Caravan Support Network” say they’re taking a more moderate approach with the migrants, bringing food and donations and protecting them from hate groups.

Evan Duke III stood 6’3” and towered above most of the Mexican police officers stationed at a migrant shelter in Tijuana called Contra Viento y Mareo on a recent Monday.

Aha! Notice that they call him Evan Duke III just like the Facebook and Twitter accounts I found earlier. They continue;

Duke, a 48-year-old anti-fascist organizer from Seattle, had previously faced down white supremacists and misogynists at protests by violent far-right groups like Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer and Unite the Right in the U.S.

On Jan. 7, he was with about a dozen younger Americans who’d brought coffee and breakfast burritos to migrants who faced eviction from the shelter. The activists, representing a range of social justice and environmental causes, heard that right-wing and nationalist Mexican groups were organizing a march against the caravan, like one over the weekend in which residents cried, “Mexico first!” and “Migrants yes, invaders no!”

Further on, they report;

Duke’s record includes several guilty verdicts in the state of Washington for crimes ranging from DUIs to harassment, none more recent than 2012. Duke said he went through a period where he “struggled with an alcohol problem and was very reckless.” But those things are in his past, he said. He has since gotten into environmental and indigenous rights activism, including the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.


This article also discusses Paloma (hi Paloma!) who features prominently in a number of our videos (see below).

Screenshot (4276).png

I found this Antifa activist webpage which lists Duke III as a confirmed speaker and participant.







An image search for Evan Duke III yields this GoFundMe from an Evan K. Duke III collecting money to get home from Standing Rock.

Screenshot (4278).png

Screenshot (4279).png

The man in the photo here sure does seem to be the same man identified as Evan Duke in this photo on Facebook I found on the Evan Duke Facebook account, multiple photos on the Evan Duke III Facebook account and resembles the profile image for the Evan Duke III Twitter account.

Screenshot (4282).png

According to the Tribune, both Duke and Reibeling deny involvement in the plot and the Tribune reports, “Duke said Riebeling was not someone he would have associated with because he didn’t trust him and because Riebeling had expressed negative views in social media videos about the migrants in the caravan.” which is not accurate according to reports which state that Riebeling helped some caravan members but opposed the sale of donated items like shoes, blankets and water for drugs by other caravan members. More on that ahead.

The document warns of “anti-fascist activists” that “planned to disrupt U.S. law enforcement and military security operations at the US/Mexican border.”

If you follow our channel this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to you – it’s not surprising to us – as we’ve covered armed marches by Antifa groups in Phoenix, AZ and Austin, TX, the case in which an Antifa fired off two rounds at a school in Eugene, OR in a struggle with police that ended in his death, Antifa placing live bombs at a police station, the Redneck Revolt, the John Brown Gun Club, Community Armed Self Defense, Dwayne Dixon holding a gun and ordering people to get into traffic and get ready to get hit right before James Fields rammed his car into those people, and we covered Antifa’s efforts to incite migrants over the border in Mexico to storm the border into the USA.

Reportedly, the FBI warned federal law enforcement agencies in Mexico and the USA that “protesters” wanted to “stage an armed rebellion at the border,”. This was sent as a “priority” report to ICE, the CIA, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), the DHS (Dept. of Homeland Security), the NSA (National Security Administration), U.S. Customs and Border Protection and other agencies.

The San Diego Union Tribune implied that the FBI document was provided by a law enforcement official and they state, “two additional law enforcement officials confirmed the investigation is ongoing, although no one has been charged.”

The San Diego Union Tribune reports, “Some of the people detained and questioned said they were asked whether anyone was encouraging migrants to rush the border during the two incidents. Several people confirmed they were told they were being questioned as part of a “national security investigation.

The FBI’s report says a group of activists in Tijuana supporting the migrant caravan “were encouraged to bring personally owned weapons to the border and the group also intended to purchase weapons from a Mexico-based cartel associate known as Cobra Commander, AKA the Mexican Rambo, and smuggle the weapons into the United States.””

The Tribune reports;

The FBI’s report says Duke was working with Riebeling and others not just to procure weapons, but to help set up camps to train activists to become “community defense militias, also known as autodensas.”

See our report here which includes info on Community Armed Self Defense (an Antifa thing).

“Organizers planned for the camps to be used as staging platforms from which five person units would form to train anarchists in fighting, combat, and conducting reconnaissance, and then launch to disrupt U.S. government operations along the border,” the report states.

After the report was distributed to dozens of law enforcement agencies, Duke faced intense scrutiny when crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

Duke said that along with another activist, he was twice hot-stopped — held at gunpoint by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers and detained for hours — as he tried to cross.

In one instance, Duke said, he was driving into San Diego from Tijuana at the San Ysidro Port of Entry after delivering supplies to migrants at shelters in Tijuana.

When he got near the CBP checkpoint, border officials drew their guns and ordered him out of the car, Duke said.

“My first thought was: ‘Wow I don’t think this is good. This can’t be good,’” said Duke. “I overheard their radios and someone was saying, ‘You’ve got so many guns on these guys. You’re only supposed to have six guns on them.’ I think there were 25 guns on us at that moment.”

Based on questions investigators asked him, Duke said he believes it’s possible that authorities are acting upon information provided to law enforcement by right-wing conspiracy groups. He said a North Dakota radio talk-show host bragged on the air about reporting him and his colleagues to law enforcement.

In mid-November, Duke and a group of activists began renting a house in Tijuana and hosting about 25 volunteers at a time working to counter what they viewed as the U.S. government’s violation of asylum seekers’ human rights.

The FBI’s report says the rental house in Tijuana was guarded by armed group members.

Ivan Reibeling is a Tijuana resident named in an FBI report warning of a potential armed disruption at the border
Ivan Reibeling is a Tijuana resident named in an FBI report warning of a potential armed disruption at the border. Courtesy of Ivan Reibeling.

Ivan Riebeling, pictured here has also faced legal troubles. Reportedly, he has been convicted for kidnapping and robbery, been arrested on suspicion of carrying a concealed and stolen gun in his vehicle, has a record of assaulting officers and he was arrested in 1997 by CBP for allegedly trying to smuggle about 10 pounds of cannabis into the United States but the charges were later dropped, apparently.

Here’s his popular Youtube channel. Riebeling denies being involved in arms sales, drug sales or any cartel. According to the FBI (according to the the San Diego Union Tribube), he is “associated with the Jalisco New Generation Cartel,” but he denies this association, according to the Tribune. But, also according to the Tribune, Riebeling said, “I have associates with several of the cartels, yes I do, but I am not a narco-trafficker and they know that.”

If this is true, someone may want to tell him that to have associates in cartels is to be associated with cartels.

Also, Riebeling is described as an “instigator” in a list of people to stop for questioning at the border by Customs and Border Protection who said that the people listed were on the scene as violence broke out at the border in Tijuana in November and in January.

The Tribune reports that Riebeling who “also goes by the names Ivan del Campo, Ivan Mariano Martin del Campo and Jose Ivan Reiveling Sierra, has criminal records in Mexico and the United States, according to a Mexican state police document and confirmed by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.”

The Tribune reports that Riebeling had helped a caravan in Tijuana of mostly women and children but decided that he “no longer wanted to help Hondurans.”

The Tribune quotes Riebeling as saying, “I can send you several videos of myself attacking the Hondurans because they are my enemies,”

The Tribune further reports;

Riebeling said he became angry with members of the Central American caravan in Tijuana after he discovered some were selling items he brought them for humanitarian relief, like blankets, water and shoes.

“They were exchanging these items for drugs and it made me mad, and I no longer wanted to help them and I was vocal about it,” he said.

In a video he posted online, he encouraged members of drug cartels to attack migrants with bats and “hunt down” migrants to take them to Mexican immigration authorities to be deported.

Because I do not know Spanish, I was unable to locate any such video by Riebeling. Maybe one of you can do so and send me a link? The Tribune continues.

Many members of the migrant caravan were attacked with rocks and tear gas. Two Honduran teenagers were brutally killed.


News articles on this news item;

FBI probing Antifa plot to buy guns from Mexican cartel, ‘stage an armed rebellion at the border’” by Fox News (May 1st, 2019)

Feds investigating alleged armed disruption attempt at U.S.-Mexico border in December: Report” by the San Diego Union Tribune (archived here) (April 29, 2019, 5:00AM)

FBI Investigating Antifa For Plotting To Buy Guns From Cartel For ‘Armed Rebellion’” by the Daily Caller (archived here and here) (April 29, 2019)

FBI investigates Antifa for plotting ‘armed rebellion’ with guns to be bought from cartel” by Liberty Unyielding (April 29, 2019)

‘Antifa Planning to Stage Armed Rebellion at Border’” by the Clarion Project (April 30th, 2019)

Radical American Activists Flock To Migrant Caravan In Tijuana” by KPBS


Our videos about Antifa/BAMN’s efforts at the border;

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